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  1. Diverse Roleplay is a an English speaking community that is all about providing the best quality roleplay for their members. We at Diverse Roleplay keep a high standard of roleplay and enforce all of our rules fully. Our staff is trained to act professionally and are the best out there when it comes to punishing rule-breakers and solving in-game problems. The server has a very strict rule of always roleplaying to the best of your ability. Trolling, bad grammar and other impurities in roleplay will be punished by our administrator team. The Diverse Roleplay server uses an edit of the PR-RP script which is being worked on by our development team which consists of highly experienced PAWN developers and mappers. The gamemode all in all is highly developed and has been worked on for multiple years by a couple of different people. Diverse Roleplay has the following features: [*] Default roleplay features such as buyable vehicles, houses and businesses [*]Default rolepaly factions such as LSPD, LSFD, LSG, DOC, San News and Radio Los Santos [*]Default roleplay jobs such as Taxi Driver, Mechanic, Trucker, Pizza Boy, Farmer and Streetsweeper [*]In-game registration system which consists of multiple roleplay related questions which are later submitted to the Helper team to decide if you are qualified to join the roleplay environment or not [*]Inventory system for players, vehicles, houses and businesses that allows players to store their items anywhere [*]Safe system for houses and businesses that allows for players to access that particular house's or businesses' inventory if you have the right combination [*]Vehicle engine and battery life system that requires mechanics to work on your vehicle in order to get you back on the road if you ever break down [*]Weapon clip system that forces more realistic roleplay on players and requires them to reload in a realistic manner [*]Weapon license system which is controlled by the LSPD [*]House and business backdoor system that allows for two entrances into each house or business [*]Marijuana growing and crack cooking system where official factions are given the rights to acquire the required materials to do so [*]Weapon warehouse system where official factions can acquire weapons and regulate the flow of them into the server [*]An attachments system where players can head to the clothing store and design their character to their liking [*] A realistic knock out system where players get knocked out when low on HP. (Melee weapons only) The Script itself has been a work in progress for over 8 years. And is constantly being worked on by Diverse Staff to make roleplay environments more fun and unique with all realism. www.diverseroleplay.com https://discord.gg/SGWmwh6
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