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  1. Hi ! I want to find an mod that when CJ will crash in building it will make smoke like this ! is there some mod like it ? not the building the crash smoke
  2. i cant hear car sounds no car sound can some1 help ?
  3. what do you want ??? why are you making such a problam for me ??? go to hell !!!
  4. i downloaded the new V1.1 of the mod GTA United i even put the FIX file in it but the cars boats planes etc .... have no sound of cars when i drive the cars they have sound of running or when i open the door it have sound of the DODO door when the car horn it has BMX horn !!!! what to do ???
  5. hi ! i have one problem i want to make GTA San Andreas in Hebrew yes in Hebrew ! but i cant make it becos GTA San Andreas is not working with hebrew how can i make it read hebrew ?? plz help ! LINK REMOVED (gtail.co.cc)
  6. hey India rocks man all the indian (include me ) are greate !

  7. i sow an You tube video that peaple are playng VCS and LCS on pc how can i do it to and if not how can i play VCS with PSP emulator ? i have an orginal psp disc but i want to play on PC which file i need ?
  8. no i mean convert all the maps from VCS to VC not only miner things add new maps make the map look like VCS map
  9. so how can i do it ? itryd PCSX but it not worked so how can i do it run on PC
  10. ye plz i want this mod 2 help me !
  11. hey why no1 is making and TC mod for VC that makes the VC (from GTA VC) map look like an VC (GTA VCS) to vc add some roads make new cars like VCS make new mission why no1 makes this mod ? it will be so popular plz make such a mod
  12. Bartman hey you big hasshale shut up dont curse idiot guy get the hell out of here !

    stupet ! get the f*ck from here

  13. i hate this "Good guy"

    very much !!!

  14. visit my GTA Israel mod site


    GTA Israel brings Israel into your GTA !

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