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  1. oh jeez im so sorry. does it really matter what section i post in? no. and thanks everybody else for ur help. i guess ill just have to go find the game this weekend at an actual store. what stores have it for pc? i cant really find it around anymore...
  2. does anybody have any solutions to my problem? or am i screwed out of 10 bucks?
  3. i tried exploring the disk and it had a path "streams/audio/" but no "aa" file like it says. i really want to play SA:MP and do some car modding but its kinda hard with no SA at all haha.
  4. no i looked closely at it and its not pirated. (unless its a damn good copy lol) and yes, its a dvd-rom with tenpenny on it. is that bad...?
  5. first of all im new to SA on pc. ive played through the game on ps2 tho. i bought the game on ebay and im trying to install it on my pc but its asking me for a third disk? with a file called streams/audio/aa... what do i do? any help would be appreciated guys.
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