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  1. For the Boat Yard and Cherry Popper places after you complete a race for the boat yard or sell cherry poppers ice cream, is there revenue to collect from both these places? Please reply.
  2. How can I get the Black Helicopter, the one from All Hands on Deck Mission, the last chopter? Is there a way I can have it?
  3. What are some Passwords for Cars how to get some? Is there a way you can type something to get a car to show up? Like for example a Cheetah, how must I type something to get one? Please reply.
  4. Thanks a lot. I think I will find them now.
  5. How Many Hidden Packages are there in this game? I have found 70, and don't know if there is more hidden packages of 100. Please reply.
  6. How many pizzas must be delivered? Is it as many as possible? What happens if I complete delivering pizzas?
  7. Hi, can anyone help me with delivering pizzas, how do I deliver them, and what buttons do I press?
  8. Are there other planes you can fly besides the sail plane?
  9. I saw in a Yotube Video that you can have a Back to the Future Car or a Jet pack on the player in this game. Is that a Mod or is it a certain mission you get them? Please reply.
  10. I meant to shoot forwards in a police boat.
  11. In a boat I press the shoot button and nothing happens, is this the right key on PC? So no shooting from a helicopter?
  12. How can I shoot from a boat like the police one? Is there a way for this to work and can I shoot from a police helicopter? Please reply.
  13. What is the Last Mission? I made it to Trojan Voodoo, is this the last one because I can't get anymore missions?
  14. Is there a way I can make boats in game faster like the computer player ones have? Maybe there is a key that I can press to increase more speed, or is it all the speed you get?
  15. I need to know how to put out fires in Firetruck missions? How can I do them?
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