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  1. Yea thanks..... To uninstall the screen saver go to C:/WINDOWS/sytem32 and find the GTA IV by =Infamous=.scr file (it has th IV logo) There you go.... And the white boarder on the images were placed there by Rockstar.
  2. Hey guys, I'm fairly new to this site but i put together some screen shots and made them into a screen saver. I hope you guys like it, its self installing... Do not worry its not a virus. If you are worried i have also made the .src extension file which you can place directly into your /windows dir. There will be more to come. Instructions: 1. Download File 2. Unzip 3. Use either GTAIV.exe (self installing) Or place GTAIV.src in your /windows dir (usually C:\WINDOWS) 4. Set the screen saver options to what you want. 5. twiddle thumbs and watch.... Have fun! PLEASE LEAVE SOME FEEDBACK SO I KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF IT!!!!! GTAIVScreen.zip
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