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  1. no der arent ne mods and i just tried reinstalling without the radio stations n 2 no avail i'll just wait till san andreas den thx 4 the help neways really appreciate it.
  2. i know it isnt my comp cuz i just got it in january and i have norton antivirus 2005 and microsoft antispyware installed so it isnt tht i'll try installing it again and if it doesnt work im just gunna forget bout it n wait till i can get san andreas
  3. when i do uninstall should i delete the directory as well?
  4. hi my nickname is surfgu17 but it was spelt wrong so i changed it neways when i try and run vice city when its loading for some strange reason when it almost reaches the end it stops and until i eject the cd and put it back in only then will it load and this also occurs when i go in and out of mansions/cities etc. can anyone help me on what to do??? I have no mods installed either
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