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  1. Hey dude, I have some problems with vertical bird, can you complete it for me? Here's the file for download.
  2. I was so busy yesterday when you made the request. I'll do it for you later this afternoon, I promise. No problem! Take your time. No hurry.
  3. I'm back again! This time I need you to help me complete freefall and Zero's last mission. Dun let CJ get busted or wasted, Cause I don't want him to lose any weapons. Download the save game here!
  4. Hey, zmoon I need your help again. This time complete the flight school, 1st flying mission(N.O.E?) and if possible complete supply lines for me too. Again don't let CJ get wasted or Busted. Download the savegame here
  5. Hey, please help me complete 'Farewell, my love'. I am stuck on that mission, even after countless of tries I can't seem to beat it. Please do not let CJ get wasted or Busted and after completing the mission save the game at the safehouse at blueberry. Thanks! Download here
  6. Hey guys, thought that this was an interesting forum so I joined.
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