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  1. UHHHH,,, Hey buddy. Where have you been? Have you not read a fact sheet? There won't be any plains, there will be some helis. And, call me crazy, but some how I don't see an ex- russian merc/who has a do anything to make it attitude and years of russian military style boxing under his belt riding a bike around the nieghborhood. Cheers for the quite frankly, arrogant reply. What fact sheet? Plains? So we aren't having any areas like Bone County which are plain? Or we aren't having any aircraft? Make your mind up. If you meant the latter, I cannot see any reasoning behind the removal of aircraft when it is an essential way of travelling and that it's good being greeted with something drivable when entering an airport. After all, they cannot fill an airport with helicopters. It's almost like you are encouraging the removal of aircraft - please explain your reasoning behind this bizzare idea. I don't see how ethnic background and previous jobs/experiences should limit the charater to what vehicles they can travel on. After all, this character isn't controlling himself, we are controlling him. Unless you want to role play to his past life, almost certainly you will be willing to travel on a vast array of bikes when presented one.
  2. #1 I voted for Business and Fraud because only GTA3 had an ounce of this. Most of the GTA's were based on drugs AND mafia. Maybe base it on all 3 #2 I voted for controling one charater. The storyline would become too confusing with multiple characters, but knowing rockstar they will write a fantastic script #3 I voted New York and somewhere else. I was primarily thinking new york and the rural areas around it, and then another biggish city. london and new york would be too big a contrast
  3. I would like: More varieties of scooter moped. Peugeot, aprilia etc obviously under a made up name like 'Speedy' Bikes can be chained up when found and the player can get a knife for example and cut through it. This would make a noise so there is some risk involved Introduction of plenty of motorbikes. Those who say 'Get rid of this but implement this' need to remember that there is nothing wrong with lots of variety. Add plenty of sporty cars on top of the lots there already are. Make them all appear very rarely and in certain locations so there arent 5 different ones on the same road etc Add a few more different planes at the airport and a few hidden ones on the roofs of buildings
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