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    Boys and Video Games, PC Gaming, Web Design and Development... and other geek things. xDDDDD

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About Me

Hi, my name is alex. Im a gay 15 yr old boy. I like to play XBOX. im a peoples person haha. i like to roll, and rave(if u need any rave gear, i recommend orbitlightshow.com or liquidemotions.com or.... just ask me, i sell the same shit but a bit cheaper. :) ). i recently joined a rave team called team lotus.:P im friendly, funny, and helpfull when it comes to advice. i like to meet new peolple, and i like being (not determined yet). im not the type of guy you can keep on a leash(well depends on who u are ;P). ummm, i like to hang with my friends, and work out in my spare time. honestly i do lie alot, but im trying to stop haha. i dont beilieve in religion, im sorry but the whole idea of a single life form creating everything is just stupid. im not much of a fighter, but if u fuck with me, i will fuck you up. i like hardcore, techno, and hip hop. i dont like hipocrites even though i can be 1 at times, i hate liars, backstabbers, cheaters, and whores. i like hollister. i rock skinnies. i have long hair. and overall a chill guy. welcome to da page!!!

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