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    Girlfriend Michelle

    can someone help me where can i find michelle?I've been search her around her garage and near them...but i can't find her...where can i meet her?
  2. san_andreas_junior666

    What is yours favorite phrases in GTA:SA

    cj:"ahh,asshole my shit","Roller coaster,uh uh uh","i love shootin' people,with camera","ahh,look at all this paper", ryder:"i told you he was a busta"(all ryder phrases is cool n gangsta)
  3. san_andreas_junior666

    Girlfriend Michelle

    oh yeah,i forgot...i've seen her at the driving school...and she need cj to be skinny right?
  4. san_andreas_junior666


    i've founded that cheating may corrrupt your save game unfortunately...in my opinion,use cheats in san andreas can waste all the fun...not challenging(spells right?),waste your money...so,if you want to use cheats,use them after 100% complete storymode(if me,use cheat,but no no no on saving the game...) check this website where i know the save game may corrupt on the Mad Dogg mission(if you use riot peds cheat) http://www.gtasanandreas.net/walkthrough/lasventuras.php