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  1. Oh Man! is probably what goes through your head when you fail a mission right? It isnt often that it happens and yet we all do it sooner or later. For me it was when i had to steal a truck off the triads for i think it was Ray, I took out the 3 closest vehicles from behind the wall with my RPG, took out the enemies with the Assault Rifle, and proceeded closer. I saw a guy behind a concrete pillar firing blindly and i thought "Ill get you" so i took out my RPG, fired.. and the friggen thing went "Haywire" (like they do at a distance) and went Smack right into the truck and blew it up. To top that off, i had a 2 star wanted level from a cop so i was gunned down before i even realised i was wanted. Bit of a nice way to fail it. Ive done worse to.. Being a smart ass thinking i would use my RPG when i had to assasinate either derrick or his brother.,. Lets say i was to close to the rail and it didnt clear it. Blew me sky high... worse thing is i landed on top of a helicopter doing patrolls.. Anyone for Mince Meat? lol Anyway thats me. What about you? Care to share?
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