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  1. All right, I don't want to make a habit of this but I am really, really bad at flying, so I kinda need the flying school (I did the takeoff and landing :D) and Zero (I've done the first one) missions done.

    P.S. I progressed up to here in 4 hours and since then I've been trying the flying school and zero missions, so don't think I haven't been trying.

    P.S. 2 I know this is going to take you a while to do, so no pressure, I'll just go outside and play some actual games like basketball (please don't shun me):D

    I'm on it


    Learning to Fly

    Mission Passed!

    Respect +


    the Rustler, Stuntplane, and Hunter will all spawn at the Abandoned Airfield

    Supply Lines

    Mission Passed!


    New Model Army

    Mission Passed!


    Asset Aquired!

    Zero's RC Shop.

    This property will generate revenue up to a maximum

    of $5000. Make sure you collect it regularly!

    NO CHEATS were used.

    Click here to download it

    or download it from GTA Save-N-Play

    @zmoon-this is exactly what i needed. i just passed the zero missions but i didn't get any new missions (i opened a new topic for that :( ) now i am going to try out this file and see what i can do


  2. hi. i am completely new to the forums and i am sorry if you think i shouldn't have opened a new topic for such a small question, but i can't find any suitable topic......

    my problem:

    i just completed all of ZERO's missions.after that i saved the game, roamed the city for about 30 mins, went to the gym....but i didn't get ANY NEW MISSIONS. no cals, no new locations on the map.....what could be the problem?

    current status:

    as i said, i completed zero's missions. i didn't exaclt "complete" the driving school and flying school, but got gold in all using a cheat. however, the school sign is still showing on the map as a target(i don't know if that is normal)

    how can i get new missions? do i have to buy anything? or go to some hidden place?

    any help will be appreciated

    thank you

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