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  1. you dont have to open the same topic twice. and no, you cant drive it
  2. ohh...thanks and here i was, searching for eggs
  3. did you do anything? make any modifications or something?
  4. yeah...i wanted to download it too, so i could try my hand at modding. but the link is broken even google isn't helping
  5. er...sorry if i sound too illiterate/ignorant....but what EXACTLY are easter eggs in the game?
  6. @dazza- i will do it @all(i.e.sky,urban, dazza)-thanks a lot for the replies. will tell you if it works EDIT: WOOOHOO! thank you guys! it worked! now i know that i have to do the same for driving school bye , and thanks again
  7. @zmoon-somehow, you files don't seem to work for me. i downloaded another file from the "downloads" with 100% complete, and that worked just fine. when i use your file,it says "loading data...please wait" and then closes down what could be the problem?
  8. @sky-how do i complete the flying school and get BRONZE now that i have already gotten gold in all?? @urbanoutlaw-i have overwritten that file i use a lot of cheats btw,when i play GTA the firast time. i play all over again if i finish it the first time
  9. I'm on it Learning to Fly Mission Passed! Respect + all-Golds the Rustler, Stuntplane, and Hunter will all spawn at the Abandoned Airfield Supply Lines Mission Passed! $5000 New Model Army Mission Passed! $7000 Asset Aquired! Zero's RC Shop. This property will generate revenue up to a maximum of $5000. Make sure you collect it regularly! NO CHEATS were used. Click here to download it or download it from GTA Save-N-Play @zmoon-this is exactly what i needed. i just passed the zero missions but i didn't get any new missions (i opened a new topic for that ) now i am going to try out this file and see what i can do thanks
  10. hi. i am completely new to the forums and i am sorry if you think i shouldn't have opened a new topic for such a small question, but i can't find any suitable topic...... my problem: i just completed all of ZERO's missions.after that i saved the game, roamed the city for about 30 mins, went to the gym....but i didn't get ANY NEW MISSIONS. no cals, no new locations on the map.....what could be the problem? current status: as i said, i completed zero's missions. i didn't exaclt "complete" the driving school and flying school, but got gold in all using a cheat. however, the school sign is still showing on the map as a target(i don't know if that is normal) how can i get new missions? do i have to buy anything? or go to some hidden place? any help will be appreciated thank you
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