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  1. Just simply follow him relaxly to the park, where he himself stops and get off the bike. Then, kill him.
  2. I would like you to complete 2 missions. 1. N.O.E [aeroplane sign] 2. Freefall [dice sign] Savegame: http://gtasnp.com/7109 Thanks
  3. Hi!! I want u 2 complete ALL the 'Flying School' missions. http://gtasnp.com/6848 Thanks
  4. It looks like u completed all the missions of the Doherty garage. [TRUE OR NOT] I wanted u to complete only one mission of the garage, that is the helicopter one in which we have to take down a chopper. Also, let me know if there was any reward in the driving school mission. The mission which u have to complete [if u can]: 1 Doherty Garage Torneo's Last Flight [NOT STAND] ALL Driving School If u have complete all driving school and only 1 Garage mission, then its OK. Let me know ... THanks
  5. OK, now I am giving the link to the saved game: http://gtasnp.com/6709 Complete all the 'DRIVING SCHOOL ' missions, marked with S. Complete the 'DOHERTY GARAGE' mission, marked with something like red-black circle, which is to take down the helicopter. Just these two... After completeing, send me a PM if possible. Thanks.
  6. Tell me the link to download that trainer or the name of the trainer. Thanks
  7. I was trying the Driving school 'Burn and lap' mission. Complete 5 laps in 40 sec. I tried but didn't completed it. So, is there any trainer or something which freezes the school mission time??
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