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  1. Any modder out there willing to create me some clothes for gta ???? Would be much appreacted. thanks (my spelling is rubbish lol)
  2. Has any one thought of creating a formual 1 car ? have the f1 car the fastest car in the game. that wud be a good car to do
  3. kuby


    Has anyone done a timberland clothes mod so you can get timberland boots, t-shirts, pants etc. (Timberland as in the brand not the singer) thanks
  4. kuby


    if i install any clothes or tatoo mods and buildings it shud be ok
  5. kuby


    I av a total conversation mod on my pc version i am just wondering can i add any more mods on to it without the total conversation getting unistalled ? thanks
  6. Could any1 create a mod that makes the cars in San Andreas run on petrol ? Or is there one already out ? thanks
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