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  1. Lim Wan Xiong

    Where can I locate the Andromeda?

    Hi, I have difficulties opening both files. How do you install it? The zip files doesnt come with a readme.
  2. I cant seem to find the plane. Does anyone know where it is located or it doesnt exist and I need some sort of code to spawn it?
  3. Lim Wan Xiong

    How do I open up the handling file?

  4. I just realised how all my downloaded cars sucks as stock. And just discovered that we could also make custom handling. The problem now is that I can't get to open the handling file inside data directory. Anyone here have any idea or which software to download?
  5. Lim Wan Xiong

    GTA San Andreas on PC

    I am running on a T7300 2.0Ghz Core 2 Duo, 2GB 677, Nvidia 8400GS 128MB GDDR3 on my Dell laptop. I dont use the laptop screen to play games, usually when i'm at home, I would plug it to a 22 inch monitor to do my work and play games. The resolution on the laptop is 1440x900 and on the monitor is 1680x1050. When I play GTA, the system couldnt support 32 bit 1680x1050, and I would need to reduce it to 1440x900 32 bit so it would go smoothly. The problem is that, when I enter the game mode, most of the time, my bluetooh mouse couldn't be detected and sometimes it could. When it could be detected, it isn't easy to control it. I havent played GTA San Andres for more then 2 years. Previously I was using a PS2 and the controls were much better. Long time ago I was using PC to play Vice City and it was better then PS2. But now it really upsets me that the mouse isn't controlling like it was suppose or was it just me? I remembered that when you hold any gun in vice city, there is a cursor point in the middle like counter strike which is very flexible. But currently there isn't a cursor point in san andreas and I find it very difficult to aim and shoot. The other problem is that the mouse is too sensitive and often i would be look at the ground or the sky when I wanted it to go side ways or be more flexible. Does anyone have ever encountered this issue? Do your cursor handles like counter strike? Another issue is that I couldn't get the downloaded cars into the game? I think I did something wrong here. I downloaded the IMGtool 2.0 and then open up the gta3.img, after that add both dff and txd file. And close the IMGtool. Is that right?
  6. Lim Wan Xiong

    How to load saved games?

  7. Lim Wan Xiong

    How to load saved games?

    I just downloaded the san andreas saved game file. something like GTAwnndd.b where should I put this in? The readme files wasnt helpful.