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  1. Well that didn't work but I found out that I can use SA:MP's debug mode but when I try to start a game ut crashes?
  2. Well ok my game still crashes at the load bar with a fresh GTA3.img so what other files can be broken?
  3. Yeah this mod had body parts and well it shoulda installed but i installed a car over it and it still crashes..
  4. Yeah i used sami but the mod i wanted sami didn't want to install so I did it with GGMM and now San Andreas crashes at the loading bar
  5. Alright then If that doesn't work are there any other files that could have died?
  6. Well it was a vehical mod and well it now crashes when it loads so replacing my GTA3.img file should clear it up right or is there any other files I have to replace?
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