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  1. I need a save file where the story line has been completed till Saint Mark Bistro. So that mission has also been completed. My save file got corrupt.. So if someone could post it here ?
  2. I finished all the quest you say. Yes, I used cheats xD.. I always use cheats.. really like to.. Nvm... I go search for a safe file so I can do the story line from there.. thnx
  3. Offcourse I did, or I couldn't come that for in the story line... duh!
  4. I have finished the High Noon mission. But I dont get another mission to do! Can someone help me?
  5. Can you please finish Freefall for me? Here's the file -> http://gtasnp.com/7161 Thnx
  6. thank you very much.. ill post in your topic if i need more help .. close?
  7. can someone finish the flight school for me? because i cant finish it download file -> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J5GKXN7N thnx
  8. i downloaded a ngr500 playboy skin txd file.. but where do i have to copy it to in the game files? and where can i get it ingame?
  9. today i added some music in the game, i placed the music (.mp3 files) here: C:\Users\owner\Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\User Tracks (its on vista). but when im in a car and i put the user track channel on. it wont play my custom music, how can i fix this problem?
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