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  1. sup mates, i had problems with the site for a long time so i eventually gave up & just today i remembered the site, so i am back unless more problems arise again :)

  2. this game is gonna be awesome! i loved CoD: WaW, only for nazi zombies though

    im gettin this game, modern weapons & people arent going to have like 5 prestiges headstart infront of me

  3. just to give hope to those with low-end systems, if seen GTA IV run under these specs:

    2.4 GHz Pentium 4

    1.5 GB RAM

    Geforce 6600GT 256 MB

    Windows XP

    no word of a lie, yes it PLAYED like shit, yes it LOOKED like shit, but it played, i was even suprised about that,

    it was like 4 fps if that and the exhaust trails were plain white squares, it was a LMFAO moment, its just imo, running the game under the minimum spec will giv u a decent play if your not a graphics whore

  4. it wont work, at all, seems cool to have a fps set in the city where you steal cars and stuff, but for GTA, ive seen that duke theft auto, seems pretty cool, but a GTA release as an fps will destroy it, gta is knows for 3rd person action/adventure im sure R* wont spoil that point, but it seems like a cool idea, except i suck at fps games :lolbounce:

  5. Disorder | Rating

    Paranoid: Low

    Schizoid: Moderate

    Schizotypal: Low

    Antisocial: Low

    Borderline: Low

    Histrionic: Low

    Narcissistic: Low

    Avoidant: Very High

    Dependent: Low

    Obsessive-Compulsive: Low

    i dont get what this is supposed to prove lol

    just a little fun i guess

  6. johnny is dressed differently aswell, does it really matter about clothes anyway, its a story, people who pay soo much attention to detail r just sad

    and the chances are if you ran into the protoganist of the sencond DLC in IV his model will be replaced with a more detailed one just like they did with johnny

  7. not to be a twat or anything, but werent the world supposed to end or something in october '08, if that didnt happen, neither will this

    What the fuck does that have to do with this? Honestly? You're comparing a dangerous piece of machinery that failed, and a computer virus?

    i was actually comparing 2 things that could seem to happen, but probably wont

  8. haha, very funny, this computer is awesome anyway,

    tbh i dont care what anyone says bout that computer, its the first rig ive actually been able to take apart and then put back together myself :lolbounce:

    ive installed windows 98 on it, i found a disc, like omg how crap, i havent played 98 in ages, thwe only game it played properly is abe's exoddus

  9. i do have a CD, ive used it before,

    ive did it without getting stuck,

    it says,

    updating ESCD....

    Boot from ATAPI CDROM..... Failure...

    Your drive is broken etc. If you have another one use it or if you don't they have a good CD burner I just ordered on NewEgg for $16.99.

    good idea, i believe $17 is about £8 so thats pretty cheap, im gonna do that

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