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  1. OK, ive seen on the internet that people put people in there videos like toreno, zero etc but i dont know how i can do that, thay just insert them in and i need 2 know how 2 do so, this is needed for my GTA III, SA but VC is most important so posted it here.
  2. you ruule!!!, thanks dude i was just getting bored of the SA because i only use it to explore the secret interiors universe
  3. does anyone know of a cam hack for this game ive got one for SA but im finding it boring now cuz i play this more, anywayz if anyone knows of now for this or GTA III, please say.
  4. cool, thanks textures don't show up for gta III but vice city is alot better for doing it i think and i havent got SA yet so that doesnt matter, thank you chris
  5. claude wud PURE OWN toni for sure, but wont be able to say anything in his victory....
  6. Hey, does anyone know how to convert google sketchup models into playable GTA maps (I mean specifically GTA III) and if you don't can someone tell me a program to make GTA maps
  7. kl!, thanks i feel like such an idiot, does this work on VC too?
  8. has anyone got a mod that can makes it optional to have your HUD on or off because when i use fraps to record gameplay the HUD always there and its annoying.
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