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  1. http://www.paranormalnetwork.net/correct_places.rar Went to a diff forum and saw this there, it says that its all the horseshoes,pictures,tags, and oysters around. im goin to check it now. as long as i dont edit this post, they are all good. =P EDITS: NOTE: if you dont glitch and still dont get the oyster, that means it loaded when you moved out of its range, just swim down to it. if you do have this happen to you, just run to an OUTDOOR save as it may glitch on the indoor ones, and then quit the game and reload. If you do glitch and fall through the ground, run for a save, DO NOT AIM at anytihing or camera will lock. save and quit and reload. NOTE 2: do NOT have any on screen messages when teleporting. "Oyster Collected of 50" or anything. it will glitch the game. Oyster 01 has some issues with it. aka, you fall through the floor. you also dont pick up the oyster. Change to: [Oyster 01] X=2997.07 Y=2995.839 Z=-0.2554228 to be right. Oyster 07, sometimes glitches change the Z to +1.5 on it. then remember to swim down. Oyster 23 change Z to +4.0 Oyster 25 Change Z to +40.0 Oyster 26 change Z to +38.0 Oyster 36 change Z to 0.0 Oyster 40 change Z to 0.0 Oyster 41 change Z to 0.0 Horseshoe 30 MIGHT be [Horseshoe 30] X=2863.625 Y=856.7609 Z=12.19289 that one, not sure yet, the current one is way off though, and that is the closest one to it. Lastly, i am missing one of the Horseshoes, i dont know which one though... ill have to go through with a checklist of some kind on monday. If you want to make life easy, most of them can be changed to 0.0 on the Z so you wont glitch when going into the water and fall to your doom/bug. I'm out of time to play today, otherwise i woulda made notes on those ones, but, ill try to get that list up asap, or just mod the Z axis on the oysters with +2-5 so you are a little higher and fall into the water, rather then through it. ANOTHER note: use the list i gave for the photo ops. the ones in the file teleport you to where the photo op is... which results in death a lot of times.
  2. Allrighty then, ill give it a shot. =P At least i saved the RAR, otherwise there would only be about 5-8 missions left for ya to do in the game. Included with the savegame is the stats.html file so you can see just what all i've done. EDIT: Reminder, do not hae this save override your other one if you have it, rename one of them to some higher # such as 5 or 8. at least that way you can continue where you left off on yours, instead of just leaching off of mine. Note: minimal trainer usage. I really only did the "haha i cant die unless my car blows up" option on most trainers. also used a garage edit to get all the cars for the import/export list. wasnt about to go hunting for them. =P Apologies on the death count, was doing the Tags around Los and didnt save for a while... this was also before i started using the trainer. Enjoy GTASAsf1.rar
  3. Well, this one shows XBOX and PC on the cover, so, i dont think they would make one specifically for PC, but, im still slightly angered that i sent the email to them almost a week and a half ago, and they didnt even alert me that there are pages that i should be downloading. i did check for those, but, didnt see them when i went... =/ it wont be a "printout" for me though on those pages... ill have to Alt+tab to them... printer isnt a good enough quality for anything other then text. >_< pictures come out all sorts of funky colors.
  4. I was lucky enough to have finals at college the week of the games release, and my mom decided to buy the game for me because of the fact that i was up for 3 days strait. When she went to EB to get the game, the guy behind the counter told her that the stratagy guide would be cheaper if she got it now with the game, and claimed how great it was. This is in reference to the book that states on the cover: Exclusively Covers XBOX & PC This is a load of crap. I can understand that to make the guide, they probably had to have access to the PS2 version, but, at ANY point in the book, if they say "press this button" that 'button' is a PS2 control. L1, R3, X, ect. A few of the screenshots even show the ps2 button on the shot. The # system for ANYTHING that you need to collect (such as the Tags in the starting city, or the pictures in san fierro, horseshoes in LV, oysters all around, ect) have NO order to them whatsoever. Looking at the book for the San Fierro Pictures for instance, # 27 and # 47 are no more then a centimeter apart. Why would they # the book like this where - if you go in order - you travel all across the city to get to the next one? why not just have the #s start in one area, and then work your way around to the last one? I have already sent an Email to Brady Games concerning this, but, they have to respond. I am wondering if anyone else has gotten the book and noticed this as well, and if they have sent an email to brady games? I understand the work that goes into a stratagy guide, i have done a couple FAQs in the past, but still, they should have at least edited the book to have the right commands. I have never played the game on the PS2, if it wasnt for the on screen help, i wouldnt know what button R3 equals to on the computer. /rant off sorry for the long post, but, this is a warning to those thinking about the book, keep these things in mind if you are going to get it.
  5. You cant do the Territory Control mission after you leave the first location and move on to the badlands. they only had like 20 of the territories controled, not all 42. PyrOxide: The error i was getting says: Upload failed. You are not permitted to upload a file with that file extension. I would assume its because of my n00b status on the site, or it checks the files inside the rar and doesnt allow the extention of the save game. not sure entirely. I emailed the save game at any rate.
  6. Realizing that some of the pictures are out of order due to the fact i was confused from time to time, the pictures are in order, but, for instance, photo 50 comes before 49, when i actuality, they are in sequential order, even if the #s there dont show it, feel free to edit them accordingly. 1: Next to the tower 2: domed tower 3: airplane sign. 4: the clock face 5: garver bridge, top of the support. 6: on top of the rotating X 7: between tank silos 8:above the tennis court 9: the dome on top of city hall 10: middle of the donut 11: the first crossbar of the bridge, in the middle, i couldnt see it, but, got the shot none the less. 12: the radio tower on the boat out to the west 13: tower on top of submarine. 14: bridge crossbars 15: aircraft carrier tower. 16: above the train tracks 17: higest point of the tower. 18: the chinatown building with the pagoda like structure. 19: top of the skyscraper 20: the middle of the sculpture, hard to see at wrong angle. 21: middle of the road 22: next to the rotating burger 23: lampost in the middle of the road at tunnel entrance. 24: airial on top of the skyscraper 25: baseball player statue 26: the side of the tall building. 27: sign at the entrance to pier 69 28: top of the chimney 29: above the entrance to Supa Save 30: middle of two columns in front of city hall. 31: above the bridge leaving san fiero, hard to spot. 32: second northernmost round tower. 33: above the plants. 34: above the bridge slightly. 35: high above the curved lip of the dry dock. 36: at the top of the tall crane. 37: entrance to vank hoff park hotel. 38: middle roof in china town gateway. 39: the back of the vank hoff park hotel. 40: between the gas storage basins. 41: the air traffic control tower antenna. 42: above the festival banner. 43: the movie theatre sign. 44: above the graveyard. 45: church spire. 46: above the hippy shopper store. 47: the rock formation out in the bay. 48: above home plate. 49: the "Final Build" construction Sign. 50: High up between the two really tall buildings. As i said, i took the #s from the official stratagy guide, why they are so scattered around, i have no idea. enjoy. ------- Oxide, which parts are you gunna work on? Because the horseshoes have been giving me so much trouble, i may just move on to all the propertys that can be purchased... they are a lot less stressfull at this point. the stratagy guide i have is really ticking me off.
  7. If someone uses the addon, go to your places.ini file and open it in notepad. if you copy paste the following, then in theory, it will work. Quick notes on the photos: The teleport locations are in range of the picture itself so you can take it, The #s are really wacky because of the fact i was following the Brady Games (worthless) stratagy guide. After i go wash my damn step-dads car because he is to lazy to go get it done himself, ill try to work on a note file for these so you know where the picture is. Other Notes: When looking for the pictures, all you need to do is get the symbol fairly close in the shot. be warned, during daytime, it can be hard to see the icon, and it will still count even if you cant see it. Note file for the photos to follow soon. Working on the Horseshoes right now, but, some of those are proving to be troublesome, need to go grab the jetpack or a helicopter for a few of them. also need to go email brady games about how crappy thier stratagy guide is. "Exclusively covers Xbox and PC versions"... then why do you have the PLAYSTATION 2 button commands in the book?! who was the genious that organized the #s on ANY of the items you need to get (horseshoes, photos, ect), they have no order to them, they are no where each other... BAH... enough of my useless rambling, here is the teleport file. as i said, just copy paste. in theory, it should work, if it doesnt, lemme know asap. [Photo 1] X=-2491.067 Y=-598.4088 Z=132.6994 [Photo 2] X=-2781.313 Y=-294.787 Z=7.039063 [Photo 3] X=-1778.917 Y=-569.5017 Z=16.48438 [Photo 4] X=-1520.117 Y=869.9728 Z=7.180542 [Photo 5] X=-1323.701 Y=906.8257 Z=46.7419 [Photo 6] X=-1684.538 Y=389.6489 Z=7.179688 [Photo 7] X=-1815.105 Y=-66.34605 Z=15.10938 [Photo 8] X=-2706.051 Y=-254.1649 Z=7.007813 [Photo 9] X=-2841.097 Y=361.8669 Z=4.5 [Photo 10] X=-2756.815 Y=787.5923 Z=53.89152 [Photo 11 & 12] X=-2663.57 Y=1466.403 Z=55.97881 [Photo 13] X=-1867.841 Y=1427.966 Z=7.178513 [Photo 14] X=-1607.165 Y=609.499 Z=41.6344 [Photo 15] X=-1336.896 Y=459.8266 Z=7.1875 [Photo 16] X=-1963.851 Y=80.24139 Z=27.6875 [Photo 17] X=-2118.268 Y=461.6472 Z=35.17188 [Photo 18] X=-2248.175 Y=544.9244 Z=35.11236 [Photo 20] X=-1980.069 Y=479.5942 Z=35.17188 [Photo 19] X=-1930.708 Y=676.7531 Z=46.5625 [Photo 21] X=-2096.494 Y=925.5529 Z=74.87137 [Photo 22] X=-2367.776 Y=994.7419 Z=50.69531 [Photo 23] X=-2030.326 Y=1065.982 Z=55.82409 [Photo 24] X=-1723.483 Y=909.5625 Z=24.89063 [Photo 25] X=-1929.673 Y=909.0438 Z=38.13531 [Photo 26] X=-1830.87 Y=1112.815 Z=45.43752 [Photo 27] X=-1703.948 Y=1328.804 Z=7.179942 [Photo 28] X=-2378.875 Y=494.7313 Z=29.77773 [Photo 29] X=-2446.333 Y=722.9327 Z=35.01563 [Photo 30] X=-2688.892 Y=381.1411 Z=4.374998 [Photo 31] X=-2843.152 Y=-885.5763 Z=9.489555 [Photo 32] X=-2001.612 Y=-808.2204 Z=32.17188 [Photo 33] X=-1962.334 Y=-821.1249 Z=35.89088 [Photo 34] X=-1009.709 Y=-419.0949 Z=35.53397 [Photo 35] X=-1728.496 Y=33.4148 Z=3.554688 [Photo 36] X=-2035.987 Y=184.0498 Z=29.41237 [Photo 37] X=-2385.854 Y=323.5567 Z=35.17188 [photo 38] X=-2276.896 Y=714.786 Z=49.44531 [Photo 39] X=-2481.628 Y=424.5664 Z=30.16322 [Photo 40] X=-1192.05 Y=-168.4741 Z=14.14844 [Photo 41] X=-1252.381 Y=-18.16032 Z=14.14844 [Photo 43] X=-2408.589 Y=42.38091 Z=35.16406 [Photo 42] X=-2611.333 Y=147.3527 Z=4.331156 [Photo 44] X=-2596.98 Y=-39.29179 Z=4.328125 [Photo 45] X=-2632.469 Y=-46.41248 Z=4.335938 [Photo 46] X=-2613.368 Y=63.68118 Z=4.335938 [Photo 47] X=-1640.61 Y=1365.199 Z=7.183741 [Photo 48] X=-2301.532 Y=162.7627 Z=35.3125 [Photo 50] X=-1883.279 Y=575.2448 Z=35.0553 [Photo 49] X=-2340.63 Y=-63.51477 Z=35.32031
  8. *thinks* hrm... yea... that could be a problem on the radio thing... kinda sucks that they did that, but, i guess it was for a reason... ah well... still on my wishlist. gotta go find a few shooting stars i guess.... =P as for the Hood is under attack, when i did that part, i didnt really have that big of a problem with it...but, that could have been because by the time the first one came up, i already had half the map... If you want, you can just go and save your game, it ends the attack and you keep the zone.
  9. I don't know why, but, i was kinda thinking that the walkman would be easy to do... just change the part where it would be like if=onfoot{ nomusic } if=incar{ activateradio } to if=onfoot{ activateradio } thats the extreame basic of the code... its probably a truckload more complext then that. =P
  10. Which ones are you going for? so we dont overlap
  11. Considering that people like me have no clue how to mod games like this, we must rely, beg, and plead with those that do. This thread is for the modders to know what people would like to see in the game. My wish list: Considering this one set in the 90's, i think that a walkman of some kind would fit in with the times well. Something that we can listen to music while on foot/bycicle. Radio and all, I would actually stay on foot while going around if i could do that. Anyone else have any mods they would like to see? post em here.
  12. problem with that one is that you wont be able to get a 100% completion because they didnt do one of the side quests in the starting city among other things. I'm fairly sure that i added one of my save games onto here... all the citys are open, most of the san fierro photographs have been taken, and all the cars have been gathered. should have a bout 1.5m cash on hand as well... sorry about the -7 deaths on the stats... i usually dont allow that, but, it was those deaths that were over an hour from the last save... and didnt want to redo it all. I clicked on the "Add this attachment"... dont know where it shows if it is uploaded or not. *shrugs* enjoy if it works, if not, well, ill check back later and email it to you. *EDIT* ok, so, apparantly this website doesnt allow RAR files, and also cant upload the save game itself... so... uhh... ill try to email it to ya in a sec.
  13. Saw this one this morning and picked it up, currently working on making teleport locations for the Photo ops in San Fierro, has anyone started making any of the other locations yet? its possible that maby 2-3 more people could have all the major hotspots with a port location. Things that i'll be working on after i get the photo ops done: Tags in Los Santos Oysters all around Horseshoes Unique Jumps (for all the good it will do, i havnt tried to teleport inside a vehicle yet) Property Locations for all cities Currently i have 36 of the photo ops saved on the file, however, this week is finals for me, and i have a website to make by friday, so, tomorow i wont really be able to work on it, but, i will be back in full swing friday night.... the only real problem i see with this: Honestly, looking into the mod, i dont see a place to save the list at. i see that the Ini file in the mod has locations in it, and could probably just upload that... or even just make a post on the forums that could be copy/pasted into the Ini file... *shrugs* ill test out a few things before doing that though. Anyone wanna work on getting the other items? *pleading eyes* =P
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