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  1. Bibidi Brasco

    Need help with skins

    Mercedes Benz helped me to come far but then he had to go eat and i havent spoken to him since.. and now ive got a even bigger problem, because: I deleted the vincent.txd & vincent.dff file fom gta3.img to make room for the mercedes (the mercedes replaces the vincent), i also made i backup folder which contains vincent.txd & .dff, but now i still have no clue how to put my mercedes into the gta3.img so i can drive with it,, also now i removed vindent.txd & .dff i cant play gta sa anymore so i really need help fast please
  2. Bibidi Brasco


    Its Cj at his mom's place at the safing spot. But its like your looking to it from beneath (in the ground or something lol)
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    I dont know what happened lol:
  4. Bibidi Brasco

    Need help with skins

    Error: unable to create output file "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\models\txd\vincent.dff" It seems that winzip cant open/extract some files. What i do is this: Go to C drive -> Program Files -> Rockstar -> Gta SA -> Models -> Copy unextracted file into models. What am i doing wrong? And because i still got img tool i cant open my gta3.img & player.img etcc
  5. Bibidi Brasco

    Need help with skins

    Hello thnks for your help but i still got a problem,, I downloaded IMG Tool 2.0, ive read the readme at winzip but in the readme they dont say what file i should replace. So i have no idea where i can open the IMGTool.exe file. It does say: Run setup.exe (You must have already tongue.gif) install, run IMGTool.exe or use the link in "Start Menu > Programs > GTAModding". But I really do not know what they mean by that.. _______________________________________________________________________ I M G T o o l 2.0 ReadMe.txt 13th June 2005 _______________________________________________________________________ CONTENTS __________ GENERAL INFORMATION INSTALLATION HELP FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS HISTORY CONTACT INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ GENERAL INFORMATION _____________________ IMG Tool v2.0 Features: + Supports GTA3(VER1), Vice City(VER1) and San Andreas(VER2) archives. + Control on all files inside an archive... - Extract files - Add files - Replace file - Delete files - Rename file + Find/Next File + Sort by Name or Offset + Optional file association with *.IMG files. Happy Modding! smile.gif _______________________________________________________________________ INSTALLATION ______________ Run setup.exe (You must have already tongue.gif) install, run IMGTool.exe or use the link in "Start Menu > Programs > GTAModding". _______________________________________________________________________ HELP ______ This is only a breif help section, proper help will come in a later version. If you need help that's not here, goto the editing forums at www.GTAForums.com - somebody there will be happy to help smile.gif. No known bugs. So my problem still is: - How can i open a file with Winzip (I am not reall known with it) and open IMGTool Thnx for your help m8 IM REALLY NOT KNOWN WITH SKINS, THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IM USING THEM SO I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THEY REALLY WORK xD, so all you know about how to open and use skins ingame is helpfull
  6. Bibidi Brasco

    Need help with skins

    Thnx and check your pm's m8
  7. Bibidi Brasco

    Need help with skins

    Hi all, Im looking for some help with skins in Gta:Sa. When i download a skin from this site and try to open it with winzip or winrar nothing happens? I have no idea how to download like a mercedes and then drive with it ingame.. Can someone help me please?