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  1. When is the gta 4 demo coming out? I was just wondering.
  2. It's "Hose the Hoes" Can't get past it, forget it. Would anyone have a game save for the mission right after that mission.
  3. What are the rarest cars in the game (Hard to find etc). I only know about 2. The ice cream truck at the carnival and the Sand S.U.V. It's not the dune buggy, it has two doors and is parked near the lighthousem but on the street. Any other rare cars?
  4. When Vic targets someone, he sometimes says stuff. Here's stuff he says when he targets a random person. -Yeah, be scared -Your life is about to expire -yeah it's a gun -time to rest in peices -be very careful now -another dead cut. -oops, a dead end. -bastard -die, street trash -cause of dead, this f**ker -gonna survive, i doubt it. -meet my gun -this ain't no movie, and it ain't no kids toy. -yeah, you understand now, huh?! -This is a shortcut to hell -just cleanin the sh*t -This might sting alittle -this train stops here -your biggest mistake, being born -yup, im gonna shoot you -no one gonna miss you -f**k you -thats it for you, b*tch -go to hell -you like wooden boxes? -don't make me nervous -kiss your ass goodbye -next stop, the cemetary -you got life insurance> -you about to be wasted -enough horse sh*t -you have every right to sh*t yourself -hey stiff This is all I could hear him say. If you hear him say anything else, post it up here.
  5. Hey, how do you take in-game screen shots?
  6. You go and meet lance at the airport and thenm you have to shoot all the cholos and you dont have control oif the car.
  7. I tried this mission 14 times. I shoot most of them, it's just that the car blows up too soon! Any tips?
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