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  1. Hi there i am about 80% through the game, i was just wondering if there any updates for the game that allows you to re do previous older missions that were alot of fun
  2. Hi RPhilMan 1 Why so moody with me asking for HELP. This is a forum for game play RIGHT. Most of the mission i have completed by trying harder. The only 2 missions i have had big probs with and managed to get good advise for was the High Stakes Car Chase and The mission i am on Right now the Friets One. So its NOT every other mission i need help for. This is a forum for help and i am thankfully there are many gamers heres so i take advantage of the great advise. WHATS the problem in that
  3. Hi there. I have almost completed los santos mission. But i am now stuck on Frank Tenpenny Gray Imports Mission. The 1st part of shooting all those men is easy. But then when i get to that room with the russian he runs away. I go out and theres another 3 men, once i shoot them the russian is long gone. I get on that moter bike thats there and go after him. He is not going by main roads so i end up not finding him and lose the mission. The one time i get to him he is in a car and i end up chasing and shooting him but eventually after lond chase i lose him and mission. This is another annoying mission. Please can someone help. please
  4. Hi there guys, i have just completed the dobberman mission and claimed glen park for my gang. If i go to fight for more terroitry is there a way i can get other members of my gang to help me fight gangs for territory. I read somewhere u can recruit people?
  5. Hi there, I am now near the end of Los Santos Missions, At End of each mission it say you have earned respect. But on the stats respect bar mine is really low, almost nothing. WHY is this. I have only got 3 mission left. I thought it would have been almost a 3rd of the way filled. Anyone know why this is
  6. Hi guys, i only used the cheat once for the money thing for a bit of fun, i ended up saving it. But now i am near end of Los Santos missions, I wish there was a way to disably cheat, Also I dont want to start game from begining, as i want to move to next sity and start new missions.
  7. Yeahhhhhhh just passed that High Steaks mission. I read somewhere its best to get the Vodoo car for this mission. So i got that car from the neibourhood near mission and After 2 goes got 1st place. Amazing how much easier it was. Had 30 goes with the low rider and did not win then with the vodoo which is a more stronger car and with stands minor hits better.
  8. I am really annoyed as i keep messing up on the High Stake Mission. Keep crashing if i go for speed, and if i am to carefull cant win it. I am really strugling with this race more then any of the other missions so far. Please can someone help me pass this. Already had 15 goes at it. It sucks beeing so rubbish at the racing. I think the cars are so hard to comtrol on PC
  9. Hi there guys, I have almost completed Los Santos Missons I think lol. I wanted to What is your Favorite Mission in Los Santos and What you think is the toughest Mission in Los Santos. Does San Fierro and Lad Ventura Mission Get Harder or about the same. I guess alot harder.
  10. Hi there its me again, How can i improve CJs other stats. I know how to improve his pysic by going gym. But what about sex appeal and others, all mine are still Low
  11. Thanks Guys, Yeah i just keep trying, after another 3 times managed to complete it.
  12. Hi there i am playing the game on PC and having problems on the OGs Bike mission Where i chase that freddy bloke. I have tried about 7 times, and still not caught him. Its getting really annoying. Its a bit tricky any one got any advise or ideas for me apart from keep trying lol
  13. Hi there, I love GTA Sanandreas. I have been using the Money Cheat so I can spend lots of money. But I was told i can not save it with cheat active as it messes game up. So does anyone know how i can make lots of money. Tried Taxi thing but not enough. Please if anyone can help would be great
  14. I am new to the GTA sANADREAS GAME ON pc. In my game i have this white bar which has come on top of the red bar. It is really low, what is this for and how do i make it higher. Also how can i make red bar better. I eat but what else will help it
  15. So whats the point of having cheats, if it wont help me in gameplay as i cant save game with it. Will it really mess game up. In what way will it mess it up
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