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  1. www.gearsofwar3source.com

  2. Bouncer

    Yahoo! Games with Exclusive GTA IV Content

    Check it out, day 1 and day 2 content has been released!
  3. Bouncer

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    Hmmm maybe car failures would be good. Like your driving down the freeway and you get a blowout or your car breaks down or something. Just to add a little bit more realism. Might get anoying after awhile though....lol
  4. Bouncer

    3 New GTA IV Magazine Previews!

    So you saying these are like months old? The GamePro one, the scans got posted on the net today, and the other two about 2 days ago. They wasnt posted here. So I posted them. They are basicly new. Just because Chris has'nt posted them dont mean this is old news.
  5. Bouncer

    3 New GTA IV Magazine Previews!

    From what I know, there new, if not a day or two old.
  6. 3 new GTA IV previews. GamePro, 360 Magazine and The Games Magazine! http://gtaivsource.com/index.php?subaction...&ucat=& http://gtaivsource.com/index.php?subaction...&ucat=& http://gtaivsource.com/index.php?subaction...&ucat=&