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  1. *origanaly posted by spaz*

    How about China? I'd love to PCJ the Great Wall of China.

    thats a great idea.

    *origanaly posted by spaz*

    I've never heard of Liverpool, what's your point?

    the beatles are from liverpool,its big enough.

    why hasn't anybody said anything about france.a few points....

    disneyland,tgv(one of the fastest trains in the world), lotsa motorway, paris, south of france(realy hot), the alps.and just for shits and giggles the lead charachter could be the french guy from mission impossible.

  2. i hope im thinking of the right mission cause i dont know the names, but if its the one with the ballas and the shooting at the start is in a warehouse, then i think im right.

    just dont loose all your life at the start and when you get into that office, kill the guys in there and then run full sprint after the russian but instead of shooting him run out to where the bike is and his car, a banshee i think, now just get in the car. because you get in the car for some reason he wont get in and he wont take the bike either, he'll just stop dead in his tracks. now just get out and kill him.

    you should make it by the guys outside, cause the ballas' aim.......SUCKS, hopefully im thinking of the right mission or else i've just made an idiot of myself.

    good luck

  3. just a few of my own and a few ideas for already mentioned ones.

    i would like to see the lead character stay american.

    i want to see mall and airports return, i missed them this time, and also it would be kind of cool to be able to go into the hospitals.

    buskers on the sidewalk, you know people playing music or dancing for money, it would be cool to walk by them and hear them play and you could tip them or rob them for easy cash, i heard someone say that about hobo's, that would be cool too and you could see them in the gutter with a bottle of wine in a paper bag and a shoping cart.

    i would like to see the rooftops be more developed, houses in this one were better but big buildings and skyscrapers, some of them have a flat roof thats grey and its so stupid, maybe a ledge or somethig, then you could crouch down behind it and snipe......and also about sniping maybe you could get down on your chest and snipe or crawl threw grass.

    animals is a bit controversial and i see the reason why but someone said what if you cant kill them...period.thats a great idea i think but then only a few animals not a goddam zoo.my list would be horses on a farm or wild ones running threw the woods,cats under cars or on walls, people walking dogs or straws eating out of trash cans, and birds singing, someone said a pig farm like in snatch, thats cool.

    it would be cool if you could move dead bodies in your car and take them to the pig farm and/or burn it in a fire with others.

    and maybe police on horses and on bycicles

    sleep, also controversial but what if it is used to pass time and while doing so gain a small amount of health, not all.... a bit. passing time for times like when the game says ''come back between the times of 09:00a.m and 21:00p.m''.that just pisses me right off

    i saw a big discussion on music and buying it.well on the xbox you could put in your cd's and create your own radio station, and i used it on VC and LC, but that was because it had its memory built in and not a memory card so your putting the songs on the xbox, and im not sure about the ps3 situation, and i hated walking around with no music so in order to kill two birds with one stone........Ipods, give him an Ipod and have a radio built in but the only problem with that is that you would miss the great story lines on the radio stations. and they are good, im a fan of wctr and kchat and if i wasn't listening to that i was listening to my Itunes, so get the Ipod as a present later on in the game, it makes sense to me, maybe im wrong tho.

    people have been saying skateboards and surf boards and so on, well your kinda naming other games now aren't you. i dont think surf boards are needed but whatever floats your boat. and being able to do tricks, not to sure but it is a cool idea so maybe instead long boards, purely for transport and if they do snow mountains, snowboards no tricks tho, if your looking to skate a giant city check out THAW, there borrowing san andreas technology.

    and onto the size, i want it to be huge and have amazing graphics.i want it to be all new so screw going to LC, VC and SA, that takes up space,

    right thats it,

    feel free to reply or criticis.

    :) peace out...