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  1. du truth

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    do you mean as one big map or as diferent levels..ie gta3 level1, gtavc level2 and sa level3.
  2. du truth

    New Plot Idea...

    i wouldnt like that cause by the end of the game he'd have grown on you and you would understand where he was comin from, and i dont want to play a game where at the end id have some kind of liking for a george bush........
  3. du truth

    side characters

    sorry but playing as woozie is a stupid idea.
  4. du truth

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    That's funny, my friend's iPod doesn't have a built-in radio. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> im pretty sure my brothers does,if im wromg then sorry how old is yours?
  5. du truth

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    if your gonna put down my idea then at least do your homework first .ipod's have radios built in.and also you should wait a bit longer until you put down SA.if you've only gotten it.theres a driving school in san fierro, may not be stunt but it teaches you a few cool tricks.
  6. du truth

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    remember the tanker in SA.it was in the san feirro bay area.i want to be able to drive it in the next gta and i wanna see them out driving too, and more islands, realy far away from land.
  7. du truth

    GTA 4 Seattle

    *origanaly posted by spaz* How about China? I'd love to PCJ the Great Wall of China. thats a great idea. *origanaly posted by spaz* I've never heard of Liverpool, what's your point? the beatles are from liverpool,its big enough. why hasn't anybody said anything about france.a few points.... disneyland,tgv(one of the fastest trains in the world), lotsa motorway, paris, south of france(realy hot), the alps.and just for shits and giggles the lead charachter could be the french guy from mission impossible.
  8. du truth

    GTA 4 Seattle

    what crime gangs are up there?, and what other cities are up there?
  9. du truth

    Name of the next City

    i know exactly what you mean, i constantly miss that feeling of the unknown that comes with a new gta. i envy my friends who are only buying it for the xbox now.
  10. du truth

    My GTASA saved games are corrupted.Help!

    hey im having the same problem, i think i turned off my ps2 while saving, what do i do
  11. du truth

    FBI truck and bus

    cheers pyrOxide no the swat tank is a different vehicle and its not that good either, also for some reason i couldn't save it.
  12. du truth

    FBI truck and bus

    hey.i've been playing san andreas since febuary and have never seen either of these vehicles. there in the guide book than you can buy and on this website [Link Removed]. give us a hand if you could.
  13. i hope im thinking of the right mission cause i dont know the names, but if its the one with the ballas and the shooting at the start is in a warehouse, then i think im right. just dont loose all your life at the start and when you get into that office, kill the guys in there and then run full sprint after the russian but instead of shooting him run out to where the bike is and his car, a banshee i think, now just get in the car. because you get in the car for some reason he wont get in and he wont take the bike either, he'll just stop dead in his tracks. now just get out and kill him. you should make it by the guys outside, cause the ballas' aim.......SUCKS, hopefully im thinking of the right mission or else i've just made an idiot of myself. good luck
  14. du truth

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    no i mean you cant flip the handlebars, or superman.