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  1. everytime i try to run it, my gta crashed before even loading up. i have tried both asi loaders as described in the read me and i am sure that i am on v 1.0. any ideas?
  2. i used the save game editor and apparently it saved with the hot coffe. thanks that fixed it. I don't see anyone here offering to do it for you, especially since you probably used cheats and installed the hot coffee mod. Did you listen to Ice's advice? i posted that before seeing his post.
  3. here is my save game GTASAsf1.rar
  4. i am doing the mission for woozie and when i follow the girl to the sex shop then i follow her to her house. i see a cutscene then i see cj come out of her house and it says mission failed you did not pleasure her enough. all there was was a cutscene so i could not even do anything.
  5. my cars are still modd'd? i reinstalled three times and there is still a lamborghini in my garage. i even tried manually deleteing the san andreas folder and still there is a lambo in my garage and ferraris on the streets. wtf?
  6. i just reinstalled since i have backup rars of all my car mods anyway. ill beat the game then mod it.
  7. hello. i have multiple car mods, and an effect mod which run very nicely and i can save perfectly. now when ever i do a mission it is fine the only one is the mike toreno one in san fierro. i crash usually at the airport but sometimes other places. i never crash in normal play or in other missions. will running in windowed mode give me an error i can fix like in bf2?
  8. LMAO! Are you serious? no. ps2 and older can not be emulated on the psp. not enough processor. ps1 and older can be though. including nintendos. no xbox though
  9. yanko693


    just noticed. i read german and when translated it turns to hqlm2. oops. lol no wonder nothing would come up.
  10. yanko693


    i ran across a bunch of cars i want on worldmods.de but they all say they require hqml2. i have only seen this on that site. what is it and where do i get it? google gives me nothing accept cars that require it.
  11. tried it. i keep gettin an error on the site.
  12. and where can i get the reventon download? google is only giving me vids of it in action.
  13. in theory could i go into a modded cars files and make it load from a different sound bank? i am tired of only being able to have one sound for a bunch of cars.
  14. 1st. is there a manual transmission mod for SA? i found one for vice city 2nd what lines in handling.cfg are what? i want to MANUALLY edit speed and gears and everything. i do not want a editor program.
  15. cool thanks for the link
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