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  1. I downloaded two viruses from this site, one was in the pizzadox plus 27 trainer, the other one was from the crazy trainer by crazy virus, I ran my antivirus software and quaritined these two file saying they had viruses, this is the only place that I have downloaded from in a month and run my antivirus once a month so beware of the trainers as soon as installed the trainers the game started crashing, and my mouse was having problems on the desktop, I have had viruses before and they have acted, the same the other viruses I have had, so not to say that sky or huckleberry pie don't no what they are talking about I think they where for sure viruses trust me, I have had many viruses, cause I download different trainers for my need for speed games, and mod for half life two so I know about viruses sorry to disagree with people
  2. if you back up to a trailer with the semi it will hook up but how do you unhook the trailer, if you jackknife it will unhook but how do you unhook it on purpose to cause cause traffic jams, mess with the police
  3. how do you open the parachute i jump out of a plane about 5 thousand feet or so but could not open the chute and died so how do you open the parachute while free falling
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    I found this site and wanted to join and say hello to every one, this is a great site thanks for giving us a place to go