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  1. You don't necessarly have to be a multimillionaire with big mansions to wear suits ...
    Yeah but you also dont have to be a poor asshole to wear some trackpants,but inst it just strang Niko is so powerful looking all of a sudden.Imagine it Niko walks into Vlads bar with the suit on and says Vlad what Mission you got for me,besides Niko is in Liberty City to help his cousin be rich all he needs is a million dollars and Romans rich.But we always surpass that ammount of money.

  2. Well in other GTAs it was all ways the same thing peds jack cars and talk to one in other,but GTAIV peds will be smoking,drinking,begging for money,reading,talking,and a whole bunch more.But what activity are you most looking forward too see peds do.Now what im about to say may sound strang but dont think of me as a sick bastard of trying to hate on gays,but in GTA:SA I was walking in San Fierro when i bump into a guy wearing a red shirt and he said "dont bite it angel"which then i knew he was gay.But since peds activitys will be hiped up does that include making out in a car like see a gay making out in there apartment or lesbians in there car making out.Or lets say your in Romans apartment and you hear moaning from upstairs,and have any of you seen the guy in the red shirt before.Do you think the peds sexual activity will be hiped up or maybe actual give peds certain sexual preferences.

  3. Well in the new screenshot with Niko holding an ak-47 outside of Chinatown,as we see his clothes seem to be alot classyer than most of the screenshots.which makes me think, I thougth it was "rag to sligthly better rags",but with the new clothes and weapons that makes me think will Niko get a mansion, clothes,assets and the other perks that came in the other "GTA"games.But do you think that Niko will get all this stuff or do you think that it will be about survival.

  4. lol my spelling is readable i have seen worse from you, and a translator why are u aliterate can you not read, infact why am i evan arguing with you because u have shit ideas :S no one wants to play a sims version of gta if u want it to be like that mod ur sims and stop hassling people about a game which is like real life, because people who want a game like that, dont have a life of there own and u have prooved that so fuck off and stop acting like a baby party boy
    again WTF?UM,Inever mentioned the sims before,and its funny your english just got better all of sudden your not from scotland,ashame people lie about there selfs Hmm you must be some kid that gets bashed at school and has no friends so you come here and act stuff your insults cant hurt me cause this is the internet.

  5. wtf?somebody get me a translater cause i didnt understand a word of that sentence well whatever it is it definetly doesnt qualify as a sentence,and that translater needs to be the hfuhbvfkva version.Oh and most of the mods here arnt old enough to play the game and it doesnt matter cause when april 29,rolls around im bet im gonna have it.

  6. shut up little boy its probably past ur bed time go and get a cuddle from ur mum and a kiss and get tucked in, ur not evan aged to play the freakin game never mind comment on BAN ME :D THE LITTLE BOY SPEAKS HE SAYED TO BAN ME


    hazer is a snitch :) he just went on skys profile then told him lol

    bITCH stop talking about this place your butt is gonna be gone funny you been here2days and your banned sucks im gonna still be here asshole

  7. do u no something if not seen 1 nice person on this forum all stuck up ass holes sorry my writing and my thoughts on things arent as valued as assholes who have alot of posts now fuck off :) ban me :):D hazer u get a life having a fucking party for a game in this country ur classed as a social reject and u just crack me up lol u gonna have little baloons ? wee tea party ur mommy gonna look after the little preciase baby awwwww. lol North Motherwell Mad Sqwad #1 ya fuckin daftys ;)

  8. "Scottish" isn't a separate language... Celtic and Gaelic are. And don't bother with phrases like "heads stuck up ur ass", that's just rude. If you put your points more... calmly, people will respect what you have to say a lot more. As soon as you start swearing and handing out personal insults, people stop listening to your point and just start arguing, no matter how right you may have been in the first place.

    Hazer, I think you shouldn't be making so many topics. Yes some of them are okay, but some of them are not. Stick with replying in other peoples' topics until you've been here longer and you understand the forum a bit better. Topics are much more visible than posts, and are used to start an entirely new topic of conversation that does not already exist. Obviously this is not adhered to strongly in the off-topic areas, but should definitely count in important places like this.

    On topic, yes I think Niko will react more to being set on fire, not just standing there losing health. Likewise with everything else in the game. Take for instance the fact that if Niko falls, he will curl into a ball ready to roll when he lands.

    ^ those sentences probably wasn't worth an entire topic.

    Gerard Im sorry,but all I did was fix his sentence and ask his age but he got all defensive saying my heads up my ass and stuff ,I just wanted a simple answer and I get cursed at for that If I was Geread I would give you a warning and a lesson on grammar.

  9. me in 19 and im just saying what i think like u do and ur heads stuck up ur ass if u think ur ideas are good my grammer sorry english isnt my first lanuage scottish is thats why im not spelling like a nerd
    Well last I checked people appriciated some good writing but I didnt know, I had heads I thougth I One heads but in scotlands they must have two heads and I also didnt know you could be in 19 i always thougth you had to be 19,get a new keyboard with puntautions on it or maybe you need a leep pad learning system or is that to hightech.

  10. Hmm good question, I think he will try to put it out with his hands.The stop drop and roll thing sounds alot to do for something so little dont you think?
    How old are you?But why is it whenever I come up with a idea you always say "dont you think thats to much".And dame I edited your post this time it has grammar structure.

  11. I might have the money to buy it but whos to say the stores will have it
    I know they will have it ,I have a friend that works at a game store he is 17 he is not gonna go to school that day so he can put GTAIV on the shelves he tells me stuff about GTAIV like the screenshots he told me there where new ones(not now but the ones i said OMFG NEW SCREESNHOTS) he also said that Niko will stumble over stuff (we know this already but) he told me like 2 days before they announced that I ask him questions about the game all the time, any one want me to give your questions to him he doesnt know all about it he KNOWS ALOT ABOUT GTAIV THOW his boss told him or something he wont tell me much because he said it will ruin the game for me.He migth give me a discount when i buy GTAIV.

  12. With the natural movement meaning Niko will walk like a real person what about fire does that mean Niko can stop drop AND ROLL or will it be like other GTA games burn

    up and if Niko catcheson fire do you think when he dies he will be more messed up than in previous games.

  13. if what your all saying is true and you carn`t eat etc, then this is not going to be realistic like R* want,And they would`nt put clucking bell sprunk etc if you could`nt go there and eat/drink,and get fat.i think you will be to do all those things and many more

    So basically if the game were as realistic as people say, then Niko should be able to brush his teeth, use the bathroom, and that crap. Rockstar wants the game to be realistic but not as realistic as possible. It's only a game.

    r* said Niko can fart i guess they had to put one stupid thing in there.

  14. Well me and my friends are gonna have a party nothing big just like 5 of us playing old GTA games chating and checking the lastest news.Eat something like wings and soda and then when its close to count down we are gonna say 5 4 3 2 1 GTAIV RELEASE and just have a great time put up some old GTA posters and remeber the good times we has with the old GTA games, and then go by GTAIV the next day.What are you guys doing.

  15. Well seeing as we are the last to get info im starting to make special GTAIV news annoucements.I have the lastest news some may not of heard about I will begin.

    Dan Houser vice president of Rockstar Games and co-writer of GTAIV ,recently preveiwed the game to the Associated press in New York City with a long demo lasting ninety minutes.As alot of you may know,the Assicated Press (a.k.a.AP)is a news agency from which other publications can buy there articles.The Boston Herald published an article which is either a written or original version from the AP.It is very brief and doesnt really go over all the ninety minute demo,but non the less Houser did point out very interesting points from his demo he showed.

    .Houser talks about a mission he calls his favorite,where you assinate a man laid up in the hospital.How you do this is up to you,be it you quietly sneak in through the window or just come through the door and spraying him with a AK-74

    .We are giving the players choices without ramming it down there throats,said Houser.They even have a choice at the key moment in the whole story.I dont want to go to much into detail,but I think puting the game into the hands of the player is very fun.

    .It is also revealed that there are over 100-in game websites.

    For the scuffy man in GTAIV this includes blowing up stuff,drunk driving,meeting someone online(maybe girls),going on a date,hailing a cab,listening to the radio,killing innocent bystanders,pastronizing strip clubs,flying helicopters,earing cash for criminal activity,running from police and of course,hijacking ALOT of cars.

    Niko is a thugish european immagrant,who has already became an iconic figure to the millions of viewers who have spied the mature action-driving game's trailer already over 40million times online.Many have jamed blogs and messag boards like GTA4.Net with specualtion about the games plot,characters,locales and gameplay."We want people to be really excited and not know everything by the time they play GTAIV of course,we still want them to understand what they are buying,but we want them to be suprised"

    Travel from the dark streets of Liberty City to the glamoris Statue Of Liberty(happyness)and coney island and Time Square.

    I hope you enjoyed my news If i ever see news we dont have I will make the news.