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  1. Kinda rigth,there wore no rymthes he lied just so CJ would help him kill freddy cause freddy raped him.
  2. I thought that was his mom. She's with some Mexican guy, I think. Vic'a anuts name is: Aunt Enid yep[sA]what happened to OG loc in prison.
  3. Last week another screenshot was given to AP that has a stolen cop car,but i has not yet been realseaed well now it has its a bit smaller than usual.Enjoy.
  4. No ammunation will be returning thats why you have lil Jacob.
  5. thenHazerscreamedcausehedidntlikeoralsexwithamannorpcgamesthenarucardputhisdicki nHazer
  6. The websites I think should be there, a website for chating with Roman or Jacob kinda like myspace or MSN,and a food ordering system or a pizza ad like they have on plangta.com.Or a dating chat line go pick up girls then go out and i wonder if there will be a clothing thing to or order stuff from the internet.Get a new phone or something or buy swords and a weapons on the internet.And my last idea is a online sexshop go by dildos chains condoms like for when you have sex with your girlfriends then her pleasure goes up more.
  7. FAIL,no Jonhny we dont know what websites will be in GTAIV except for 2,but what sites do we want in there isnt a fail.I will be happy to tell you what sites i think should be there.
  8. Oh GTA2 sucks i just donwloaded it cant beleive pc people want gtaIV for pc.
  9. what was in LCS i cant play it cause its for ps3 but i have xbox360 so icant play that,i do go to youtube and watch the missions thow.
  10. Yep,you hit the nail on the head lou.
  11. Its great dont understand what he is saying but this is so great i hope they have a russian radio station and i hope this song will be the theme of the game like if you when a mission you hear the beat of this song but no words
  12. Mission name:WWIII Niko has to face the russian mob outside there factory Niko also has Jacob with him,they have to take out the russian mob boys then enter the factory and kill more goons until you get to the office of the factory and you kill the leader and then Niko has to thow a molotov cocktail into gas tanks blowing up any survivors then Niko and Jacob have to escape. rewards:Niko can now have a safehouse at all the mobs places Niko also gets and mafia mansion,limo,$10,000 and has to do a PROCTECTION RING.
  13. ddo your duty,ha i said doody poody wooody arucard his fat and has taped glasses lolloollololololloloololloololololololololololololololloololololololoolololololo loolololoololololololololololololololo llololololoolololololololololololololololololololoololol
  14. 2 had oralsex but Hazertryiedtoresistarucardfromstickinghistounguphazers
  15. Yeah, imagine Snow White or Belle jacking a vehicle and gunning down pedestrians... Now that girl can seek revenge against her stepmother... EDIT: I'm now working on the parody wallpaper; might as well be done within an hour or so... And have an ak-47 hidden in goofys hat, he says shucks cindarela you gonna die,LOL
  16. your rigth lance i meant the leon family.
  17. I mean its GTAIV based,dont cry your gonna make me
  18. Well the traids are making a return so i guess the mafia is gonna come back.
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