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  1. April 29th :clapping::thumbsup:

    I have mines preordered at Gamestop, special edition on the 360 so I can enjoy the DLC.(Paid In Full) I'm going to preorder it on my PS3 aswell.(lets just say I have a good job) I want the whole package, stratagey Guide and all.

    If it's a midnight release, i'll be sitting in the parking lot with sack of White Castle.(11:00 on the dot.)

    If it's a morning release, i'll be there a hour early with McDonalds breakfast. (McGriddles :thumbsup: )

    what about there chicken sandwhiches yeah if i have to camp out with my friend for the game i will im gona hide cause im not about to die remeber when the xbox360 cameout someone got killed cause the guy wanted the 360.