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    GTA IV Release date announced!

    April 29th I have mines preordered at Gamestop, special edition on the 360 so I can enjoy the DLC.(Paid In Full) I'm going to preorder it on my PS3 aswell.(lets just say I have a good job) I want the whole package, stratagey Guide and all. If it's a midnight release, i'll be sitting in the parking lot with sack of White Castle.(11:00 on the dot.) If it's a morning release, i'll be there a hour early with McDonalds breakfast. (McGriddles )
  2. The Cool

    PS3 Was Partly to Blame For GTA IV Delay

    Wow, no fanboys @topic I was very mad after the first delay, but as time passed I learned to appreciate it for what it was.(A overall better game) Back in the GTA3 days, I would've went off my hanger, but i'm alot more mature now.(22yrs old) I own both consoles, and I love both.
  3. The Cool

    IGN: NaturalMotion's Euphoria Technology

    Rockstar really went all out. I think I might throw a gernade into Star Junction(Times Square) and watch people panic. -A.I. reactions & car crashes with Euphoria-
  4. The Cool

    Four New GTA IV Screenshots

    I'm lovin the pic of the 300, can't wait to drive it. I bet the GPS is awesome in that ride.
  5. The Cool

    Introduce Yourself..

    Just joined, and I can't wait for April 29th. (GTAIV)