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  1. I just got off work an hour ago, went to the bank, then went to Gamestop. I renewed my Gameinformer magazine, and fully paid on a strategy guide reserve of GTA IV. The guy behind the counter said he was mad that I reserved the Special edition, because they stopped taking orders for them, and he didn't get one. He said he hopes somebody switches their order because he really wants it. Then he told me to follow him to the back, since he was the only one there. What I saw next was GLORIOUS. He let me hold a copy of the regular edition, and it's fucking beautiful. It's the best looking game case i've ever seen. The words on the front are braille-like, and they're outlined in silver. Then he let me see the 360 & PS3 Special editions, it doesn't all come in the duffel bag as supposed. It comes in a HUGE box, PS3 version has the chick with the sucker on the front, and the 360 has Niko. The actual game case is the same as the regular edition. The deposit box is alot bigger than it looks in the pictures, and the CD comes in a cardboard sleeve. I didn't look at the artwork book, because I want to save that for when I get the game. The keychain is sweet, and the duffel bag is neatly folded inside the box, and it looks big too. He said that the 360 version is selling three times more than the PS3 version at their location, but it's the exact opposite at other Gamestops. All in all, it's pretty much selling even in America. I asked what time I should show up for the Midnight release, and he told me 9:30 pm. So, that was my trip to Gamestop, and I hope you enjoyed the read. Officially The Cool
  2. Thanks, and good luck to you aswell. Cheers to April 29th
  3. Why is everybody making me out to be some obsessed asshole? I was just trying to have a competitive spirit, sorry for the confusion. I guess i expected people to be hyped about the fun we're going to have on April 29th. Oh yeah, no need to get personal, I actually do have a life. So once again I apologize, and as far as my cocky attitude goes, let's just say i'm really confident. Officially The Cool. p.s. Duff, you know me better than that.
  4. Stop dickin my wife DAMNIT! I mean it!
  5. (Me being competitive) Hello fellow forum mates, Cool here I am one of the members of the IVTV clan, and proud to say one of the minds behind the biggest clan on any forum. I hope my words spark the flame needed to make you a worthy opponent. I actually gave this site a chance at being the biggest clan, but you all criticized my innovation. Don't believe me, here's the links! http://www.gta4.tv/forums/index.php?showtopic=785026 http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.ph...t=0#entry249569 Yeah, I know I plan on crushing you all, so enjoy. Officially The Cool p.s. Gotta learn to live with regrets
  6. http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17045
  7. This song should be in GTA IV. It has the perfect New York feel. It's Jay-Z & Nas, and the song is a remake of Allure. From the intro, to the smooth jazz instrumental, followed by Nas & Jay-Z verses. I just wanted to share this with the real Hip-Hop lovers, and fans of GTA. ">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350">
  8. Why do we have feet! Why! Why! Why! Why! Feet ruin everything! Why! Why! Why! Why! Feka, feka, feka, feka, feka, feka, FEKA! You lying FUCK, You! you know god-damn well you ain't lost no Fuckin 245 lbs, in ten years, eating refined mutha fuckin grains that shit is like diarrhea running out yo ass, like a water fountain. If you eating mother-fuckin uh...uh,uh-uh.. twelve inch on wheat tuna, that mutha-fucka in itself take two days to come out yo ass, so you keep eating them mutha fucka, multiply that mutha fucka times ten, that's 20 days this mutha fucka been backed up with some shit. By the way Jared congratulations And SHUT THE FUCK UP! GOD-DAMIT shut, JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP! Fleshlights RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. !@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sony 360! Boo-Boo Fail!
  10. Found this on You Tube, through GameStop. (Enjoy!) http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=w0fVl0MDCoo
  11. The game always has one or two mandatory mission at the beginning, so once I get pass those I will explore for like a good hour, return to some missions, then call some friends online & test the multiplayer, and finish the night off with one or two missions, take a shower then go to work, because by this time i've been up all night. When I return home i'll dive right in, but now i'll make a better schedule, so i'm not falling asleep at the job.(lol!)
  12. Great work my man. Both videos are the sh....... well, let's just say there it (lol!)
  13. I have a new insult you can use on people. Next time someone pisses you off, just call them a Clitpearl. "You Fucking Clitpearl, Shut The Fuck Up!" "Nice Day Out, Isn't It, FUCK OFF, YOU CLITPEARL!"
  14. I was 14 when I first played GTA2 on Sega Dreamcast. It had been out for a while, and I rented it from blockbuster, and I played it Night & Day. Then when I got my GameInformer with the first look at GTA3 for the PS2, I went crazy and told everybody at school how great this game was gonna be. Nobody listened to me, because they said that nothing could beat Driver 2. All of freshman year, and the beginning of sophomore year I told everybody at High School, but only a few listened. Then that October when I went to pick up my reserved copy at then known (Funcoland)Gamestop*, I was the only one there, no line, just me, the clerk, and a shelf full of GTA3. Months later, everybody at High School had the game, and were asking me for help on certain missions. I'm now 22 years old, and I still love the GTA Franchise. I'm still subsribed to GameInformer, and they still always get the first look at the next GTA. April 29th I will return to the world I know so much. Thank you Rockstar, and I hope my grandkids will be playing "GTA XVI"
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