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  1. Back to School Mission Passed! Driving Skill + all-Golds Jethro called twice: First, to let C.J. know about the unofficial street racing club in San Fierro. (Street/Air Races are now available) Second, to ask C.J. to purchase Wang Auto's; which I did, for $50,000. Bike School complete Motorbike Skill + all-Golds Boat School complete all-Golds Stowaway Mission Passed! $20000 Freefall Mission Passed! Respect + $15000 this mission took away your handgun, so I found a Desert Eagle to fill the empty slot. I didn't complete Saint Mark's Bistro because there are still other missions that need to be completed before that becomes available. I didn't want to complete anything that you didn't request to be completed. The game is saved at the Abandoned Airfield. NO CHEATS were used. Click here to download it or download it from GTA Save-N-Play paste at wher tat file?
  2. oscar1990

    get error when start bleach party

    same problem T.T
  3. when i goin start to dance then my gta was Stuck and need to restart comp any1 know wad happen??
  4. or can u send it at msn =D?
  5. erm...i i think tat cd missing crack file did u know wher can download?
  6. when i prees start game it come out this error