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  1. lucas gt

    My Mega Speed Mod Done By Me

    My First Mod For Gta 3 That Incrases the Speed Of All Vehicles and the train also.i have edited the file to make the cars much faster than original. here is the link:http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/file.php?id=3017 use it and enjoy! coment here!
  2. lucas gt

    save games corrupted...

    i have used no cheats and and my version of my game is 1.00.i have no used downloaded save games.. i saved from the game in cj´s house after the first mission..
  3. i saved a game but the games says:SAVE FILE CORRUPTED..(i am playing the pc version) what i gona do?
  4. lucas gt

    Introduce Yourself..

    hi, i am new here,call me LUCAS GT