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  1. I know their are are one Mod their can make Cj be white, But where can I find it. And shall i use some special thing, to make that happen. So if any of you now some thing about this mod? Then i'll be happy for some help. And one more thing, if you want to then write some cool mods down, but white mod is what i really want help for P.S i found one mod where cj can be white but i could not get i to work. :/
  2. Okay I'll jus try the other trainer shall i delet the other once?
  3. Here it is; http://thegtaplace.com/downloads/file.php?id=1080 It is for this site, but It wont work. I has tryed to Lunch it, and then you start the game. But when u push F4 Nothing happen :S
  4. I have V1 :S but I don't know how to use them :S Shall i but them in to the game or something ? :S
  5. I has downloade a coppel of trainners, but it seem as they don't work, bur i have never tryede trainners before. ? ^o) how can I use it so it will work pleas help
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