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    EA Offers $2billion for Take Two

    I think that Take Two should not accept the pffer from EA, I have got nothing against ES, and I personally like EA´s games but I think EA is dreaming to high, and is trying to go to an area wich is not prepared for. If TK2 Accepts the offer(wich i think they won´t) Rockstar should leave TK2. As mentioned in other posts here in the Forum, EA would only mess up the GTA Franchise. That is my opinion hope they reject.
  2. carvalhosa

    Look at this Video

    Man the video is a little messed up, the music is not very organized.... But a nice idea though... now ill check up your web site, by the way, nice mixture...
  3. carvalhosa

    New GTAIV Screenshot in OXM

    Yeah guys but talking about the health sistem, I really doubt he will sufer damage and then walk in a injured way.... It would be really cool but Rockstar as so much things to worry about in this game, that i think that won´t be possible... No problem though
  4. carvalhosa

    New GTA IV Screenshot from Yahoo

    This screenshot looks really great, the bulletholes and the cracked glass look pretty realistyc. Rockstar really keeps impressing me every time !!!!