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  1. Im just wondering... when will Rockstar* give us a GTA IV GamePlay Blowout Trailer? Do you guys have any clue, or know something? When it comes, the first place it will be on it will be certanly at Game Trailers. Stay tuned to the news, and let me know when it comes out Cheers - kill4100
  2. overclocked, and no i dont use LN2 lol... i have 3 winds ( dont remember the name ) and the refrigeerator back part implanted on the backs of the motherboard yep... i am a pshyco
  3. Sou do Algarve/Faro

  4. Thank You... No, i wasnt asking for a place to illegaly download it.. ( i wasnt warez ). Thank You for the website. xDD loool You are also portuguese... and you do that to a brother? xD Fica...
  5. Thank You! ... Does anyone has or knows good movie editing programs? Because the one i use, its a bit crappy... And i also would like to make a GTA IV movie Please let me know of good movie editing programs...
  6. Hey guys, i just wanted to share this with you.. New GTA IV Trailer. GTA IV Planet Presents... Go to: www.gtaivplanet.tk and go to: News :and see the new GTA IV Trailer! Cheers from yours trully: kill4100
  7. Hello... This is the situation, i had a GTA San Andreas game for PS2, but i recently sold my PS2... I went to all the stores in my location and i found 0 GTA SA games for PC!!!! Please Help!...! Can you kind people say where can i download this game?? ( Please NO TORRENTS stuff ) If you find anything, please let me know... "Im from Portugal, so if you could find somewhere near by to download it, that would be much appreciated!" Thank You!
  8. with that much time, hackers probably already hacked into ps3 and made a ps3 emulator... lol
  9. In her computer, the game: Black and White doesnt work... soo do you still think GTA SA will run in it? Please Vote In The Pool!!
  10. hehehewm... but you get the point... Oh and i have a question... My sister received a labtop in chrismas and she wants to play GTA San Andreas in it, but i dont know if the computer fills the game requirements....Its a really crappy cheap labtop lool Processor: Genuine Intel ® T2130 @ 1.86GHz 1.87GHz Memory (RAM): 765MB System: Windows Vista Home Premium 32bits Graphic Card: Mirage (... something... its a usefull piece of crap ) Should i get the game to install on her pie-hole PC?
  11. well... maybe you should have a hand on what you put on your PC and control yourself... of course if you fill your PC with crap and mother loads of games it will slow down... I have: Processor: Intel® Core2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40Ghz 2.39GHz ( OverClocked for: 5.60Ghz ) Memory (RAM): 4047 System: Windows Vista Ultimate 32bits Graphic Card: ATI RADEON SAPHIRE HD 2900PRO ( OverClocked ) Disk Space: (C:) 102gb (only use windows files in that drive)(the more none windows files you put in system disk, the slower your PC gets) (D:) 400gb ( use it for games, movies, music, other files.... ) To keep your PC running good, you should take care of it like your son! Cheers! ( Hope i was specified enough )
  12. lol... I just posted this here, so that RockStar* see the results(if positive:D) and realize that they should make a PC version as soon as possible, because they may earn alot more from PC than other consoles, because not everyone buys PS3s or XBOX360s... most of the people has PC... ... Soo they better release the PC version before someone hacks PS3 and creates a PS3 Emulator, like that probably -50% would buy the game... Hurry up
  13. Should GTA IV be released to PC ? I think it should, because alot of people has PC and not PS3 or XBOX360... I WANT GTA IV FOR PC!!!!! Please*.... Cheers!
  14. I only wish that GTA IV is released for PC as soon as possible!
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