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  1. Pretty detailed models, can't wait for 29th April
  2. Like the topic, how is the game's system requirement ? I have below inside my comp : Pentium 4 3.06 GHz CPU 1G DDR667 memory nVidia GeForce 8500GT with 512MB memory Max resolution 1024*768 16x DVD-RW CD ROM 135GB free disk space That's it. Good enough to play with GTA IV ?
  3. Did you install your VC in the ORIGNAL directory ? VCMM set its default VC directory at first time you install it, after that, you can't change it anymore. So remember write your orignal GTA VC directory on a paper & keep it somewhere you can find it. Otherwise you won't be able to install any mods packed in *.vcm anymore. Cheers, ToniCJ in Taiwan R.O.C.
  4. ADDITIONAL NOTICE : only mods that has a script file (usually named 'installer_gtavc.txt') & cars can be installed with GTA Mod Installer. And Vice City Mod Menager is a good choice, too Both of them are one-click to use
  5. I think he even forget that he has posted this one
  6. I download Toyota Sprinter Tureno GT-APEX & Porsche 911 Carrera. (Both VCM version) But when I installed these two cars, I found they got following two problems : 1.The car's size seems bigger than the actual body size, they stick on the road and can't move any pieces. 2.People still drive them as well but when Tommy get in, he can't do so ... Anyone can tell me witch file was write with wrong value & how to fix the wrong value into the correct one ? I'll try the ZIP version and if it still get the same problem I'll report it to this topic.
  7. Uh... I was using Switch Design's mod Got to give a try, thanks, man.
  8. May I request for SA conversion ?? below two are the first time request : -Car name for <orignal version> -> <convert to this version> -Mazda RX-7 by Torzer for SA -> VC -EVO VIII by Anton for SA -> VC Above are the first request !! Thanks a lot. Greetings from ToniCJ in Taiwan R.O.C.
  9. I need credits and agreements with the one who release the CJ Player Mod for VC, because I wrote a GTA Mod Installer script for it & already rebuild the ZIP archive. My mean purpose is I want to post it in the download section for those who don't know how to install it munally. May the mod author reply for this quickly ? Because I must go back to school before 2/20. Thanks Greetings from ToniCJ in Taiwan R.O.C.
  10. How stubid I was !! I totally forget there is a mod installer program that I can use !! Thanks man, really help me ^^
  11. Like my topic, I do all steps by the readme that cars contained, like rewrite lines in Default.ide, Handling.cfg, etc. But every time when I installed a car, and run the game, I got an error when that car appears on the screen. Why? Can somebody help me? Really like those cars Great thanks for reply ! Thanks for creators for Galant, R32 GTR, 2F2F R34, and Ducati 996S
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