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  1. Does anyone knows a tool or can make a tool that can rip the radio or/and tv shows and cartoons and commercial or/and the stand-up comedy shows or/and Perestroyka shows or/and even the cutscenes/cinematics from in-game Gta 4? Later: Found OpenIV.
  2. I kill that rat, he's nothing but a rat, actually was ) reading a post of someone here made me wonder why a movie had not been made 'till now with the characters/story from a gta game, I think a movie like that would have a huge impact on industry and fans, and others
  3. and xbox strikes again, poooown, god i'm angry now because ps3 didn't get any dlc ( my congrats to xbox and ms
  4. I thought advertising is prohibited in this forums? and based on what Bear said, seems that the trend is becoming popular nowadays Come on dawg, it was a joke, but 80% it's true so... )
  5. Romanians btw who want beautifull and sexy girls, easy to get, the only tool you need is your wallet, come to Romania, we have the quality at low prices, and we need your money, I encourage you to visit us, Romania, "the land of choice" (now that's a commercial campaign not what Udrea did). =))
  6. Great glitch man =))) Funny stuff, first thing, glitches are a common stuff in games now! The good part is that they are funny! Second, I just love the A.I. from games, I really love it ) very funny, I think if there was pigs in gta4 i'm sure nico ir jhonny would start swearing, saying funny stuff ) 'like' in this clip ) I was kind a felt sad when you hit Nico, I ain't used to see someone shoot Nico(me) ) I hope you didn't repeated the scene I remember the scene when Nico found Jhonny on streets of gta 4, nice, I would wish to play Tlad on my ps3 (
  7. omg things are becoming very repetitive for me in gta4 (( it sucks! To answer the thread, I do repetitive stuff :-< hate that!
  8. No really wtf happened to 'Librety' City??? :| omfg I put the question in another way! why is sooooo boring after just 3 moths? WHY? I guess it's some... from the past, I mean I was playing S.A. and thinking is Gta4, Cj is Niko, I don't know why I did that, that was what I felt to do, so the last year I was thinking it's 'the next gta', it was cool but when the mighty 4 appeared, it was soooooooper great but now, shit, I'm feeling the same strong headache that i feel when playing S.A. (reffering after 5 years of playing almost daily my brain is so fu... bored so is rejecting the game but I don't hit Esc so is a battle between instincts so a huuuuge headache catches me)! Why so fast, it's maybe that this francize is very slooooooow, releasing games very slow, omg, why sony didn't get something, f%$% m$... man!
  9. )))) So this gone GLOBAL =)) OMG sorry for laughing, i regret that Rockstar must go through this shit! Here in Romania, the country of all possibilityes ) a lot of shit happens, one of them is framing a big company some f^%%^# shit so they can take some money, some examples... a rat in bag of chips, or in a salamy a claw, or in a bag of rise some strange pieces of... anyways the examples can continue, ectasy in ... what? come on!!! IMPOSIBLE, more than imposible, i mean look at their faces,,, oh well!
  10. I guess your right http://i151.photobucket.com/albums/s160/10...pg?t=1239446349
  11. So i'm in the game, 6 stars on my forhead, i was in a chopper so I was shooting the cop choppers 'till something blue on a building made me cheat, open my phone, stop the cop chasing me and I head out to the roof of this building, omg, they we're people with binoculars, steady the helicopter and jumped right on top of the building, i head out to the blue arrow, it said: 'press... to go to street, i pressed and gone to street, now on the street it was the same blue arrow, so i thought, hey nothing fancy here, maybe i missed seeing the arrow untill now, so i got to the top of the building and jumped with a nrg, yeap, fliped over, dead, so i remembered the place i've seen the arrow, got back and on the street at the same entrance, no blue arrow :| cheat to get the HELI and i got back to the top nd the arrow was there, got to the street, the arrow was there, lol, so i thought i share with you guys becose the view its asome, you can see the happiness island from there and why not throw some people of from the building, or get a friend or girlfriend and kill them from there ) The location: The Triangle, Denver-Exeter AVE, can't miss it, attached some photos! Image Sorry for the bad quality!
  12. Whoaaa? I really can't understand you guys @yeehz and @Rival! Can you be more specific please? Sorry!
  13. So, you already have the rifle, when you go to the riffle from the roof, the donk sound it's 'made' by the bullets you pick up, you can press (L1) to replace the current weapon with another, so after you picked up the bullets or the rifle you have to walk to the opposite side on the roof, there's a arrow there, on the roof that when near her will trigger a cutscene, and then the massacre, to reload press O, to aim press L2, to zoom in/out push up/down the right stick(hope that make sense in english)!
  14. HI, so I was rampaging near a hospital, I was shooting with the rocket launcher, beat everyone I met, after 5 minutes of HELL for the pedestrians, I've stopped coes I saw some cops coming, and then I saw the glitch ) Here it is: http://www.sharemobile.ro/file.php?id=316204 Sorry for the host, for the bad quality, I was filming with my phone with a hand and with another walking! It was really funny ) PS: The dog that you hear barfing is real :P Sorry!
  15. Of course raybob95, of course you can do whatever you want yeah, i'm on ps3 too, i thought you're on pc and can have trainers, btw you can put saves from net that have a infernus, and you can take the infernus and go collect other infernus and park in front of your safehouses, or any other cars anyways, i'm on ps3 too like i said and i don't have problems in driving great cars from gta4, i don't use one intensive just becose i don't have a cheat if you wreck the car too fast use gta-555-0100 if yo lie using cheats that way you can 'preserve' your car! Good luck mate!
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