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  1. Hi, thanks for your suggestion, however the vehicle.ide wasnt actually the bit which troubles us. I e-mailed the guy who made the mod and told me how to fix the problem. It was in fact handling.cfg, if you don't use the proper 'modded handling line' made by the creator of the mod, you won't be able to tune the car in WAA. I actually played around with the handling line so the car would be able to pull off drifts, and that was indeed the problem. And my 'copy' is a legit copy, bought it from EB. And so, case is solved . Thanks for all your contributions. Hope the thread could be helpful to anyone who is / will be facing the same problem in the future. Cheers and peace, Anzai
  2. Hey thanks for the suggestion, but i've already tried this fix but unfortunately the problem still wont go away. Cheers for the quick reply though
  3. Hello everyone, just a quick question about dealing with car mods which include kits etc (basically tunable at wheel archangels) I'd like to apologise first of all if this question has been posted before, but after about a good hour of searching through the forums finding nothing, i had no other choice than to post the question myself. So what happened was I tried to replace my sultan with a lancer evolution ix which comes with i believe 2 sets of bodykits and a few paintjobs. I have done every single step required from the readme file and made sure everything was correct, then repeated the process 3 or so times including a fresh uninstall-reinstall to try to get it work, but the problem wouldnt go away. The problem is my evo ix 'sultan' now is unable to enter wheel archangels, but can enter in transfender. This basically means i cant get any of the bodykits etc, obviously because transfender dont provide them ingame, and i can only get the custom paintjobs from there. Now the car itself shows up nice and sweet, so i dont think there is any problem with my replacing txd and dff files from gta3.img I've tried replacing about 4 different cars using 4 different (tunable) car mods. Only one works perfectly without trouble, meaning the car was actually able to be tuned normally at wheel archangels. All other 3 had the same problem as what i've described above. This is the link to the mod I was trying to install: click here I also strongly believe that the copy of the game i have is version 1.0, simply because i was able to play SAMP before started going to the modding industry. Apologies for the lengthy post, hope to hear replies soon. Cheers anzai
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