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  1. Tried the ultimate editor and it works just fine =) SOlves all my problems, and more!!! Now I can dual wield assault rifles, desert eagles, heat-seeking rocket launchers.. *evil grin* And it has heaps of other features that'll allow me to edit almost anything. Excellent!!! =D Solved!!!
  2. A person breakdancing in GTA San Andreas. xD I killed him and he died funny
  3. I just need a little bit of help in modifying weapon rate of fires, and also weapon crosshairs (i.e, I don't want it to enlarge whenever I fire the weapon continuously for a long time - always getting 100% accurate shots) ALso, I would like to know what floats are in the weapon.dat file =S Sorry if I sound rude or cocky, I'm just really ticked off coz I can't get my head around this. Please reply soon!!!
  4. I got it fixed. Silly, silly me. I forgot to edit my C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data\maps\veh_mods\veh_mods.ide Oops.. I should've changed them from: 1075, wheel_sr2, vehicle, 100, 2097152 To: 1075, wheel_sr2, wheel_sr2, 100, 2097152 Same goes for the wheel_gn2 Anyways, all's good =) To all you people who have been living under a rock (no offence), the EVO and the 350Z are from The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. The mods used here are Nissan 350Z by dsQuaRED and the EVO VIII is by Alex Redline. The skin on the 350Z is made by dsQuaRED and the skin on the EVO VIII is made by Jonas. The only changes I have made to the mods are that I merged the parts of the EVO VIII by Alex Redline from versions 1 and 2. The mods are amazing. The 350Z and EVO VIII are originally stock, and they can be FULLY CUSTOMIZED in Wheel Arch Angels. You guys are amazing. Period. So thanks to Alex Redline, dsQuaRE and Jonas. Here are the cars with proper textures..
  5. Mate, just find me some nice Tokyo Drift car mods.. Like, real accurate ones.. Thx
  6. The two images attached herein are mods for the Sultan and the Jester, respectively. As you can see, both rims/wheels of the two cars are shaped/positioned OK, but the textures are missing. The 2 rims/wheels in the screenshots are fitted from Wheel Arch Angels. However, the stock ones that come with the car when it is spawned, which are provided by the modder, are properly textured. For the APR EVO VIII (Sultan), the following files were replaced/added in the gta3.img file, using both Spark and IMGTool2.0. The same problem persisted. wheel_sr2.txd (added to gta3.img) wheel_sr2.dff (replaced in gta3.img) Why did I add wheel_gn2.txd, you ask? It's because it never existed in gta3.img in the first place. (Could someone check this for me?) The same goes for the Nissan 350Z (Jester): wheel_gn2.txd (added to gta3.img) wheel_gn2.dff (replaced in gta3.img) The version of San Andreas I am currently running is a V2.0, with the downgrade patch to 1.0 installed. Another thing I noticed is that the only savefiles I download off the net that work without crashing the game right after they load are v2.0 savefiles =S This is the only problem I have with the game. Looking forward to your contributions to this problem. Someone please reply quick T_T I can't wait to go all Tokyo Drift in GTA San Andreas xD By the way, I have opened the wheel_sr2.txd and wheel_gn2.txd with TXDWorkshop and I can see the tyre textures properly. Also, all the other parts that are available in Wheel Arch Angels, eg. front bumper, rear bumper, exhausts, spoiler, paint job and side skirts, all work and are textured correctly (as you can see from the screenshots).
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