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  1. LockOut/Glavstone

    Looking for a car?

    Im the best
  2. LockOut/Glavstone

    Request r u up for the job Weapon mod Request.

    Someone please, wow this is taking long.
  3. Could someone make a Good Quality Dragunov sniper for me hands must fit on the handle not look like there flooting below the gun. R u up for the JOB. If u know one pls send me download link.
  4. LockOut/Glavstone

    Need help fast

    How do i lock onto targets with my guns when i press right mouse it just gives me a crosshair i know u can lock on with rocket launcher onto cars and planes please help. If its a mod please give me a link.
  5. LockOut/Glavstone

    Need help with saved game files

    When i plant saved game files in my GTA user folder and i try to load it it eather gives me an error or it wont load . i have downgraded my GTA san andreas fron 2 to 1 any one have any ideas how i could solve this problem. thanks.