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  1. Hi, i need help on activating a certain mission in lcs for psp. Before starting on Toshiko's missions, i've driven a truck into 8 ball to fix a bomb but i haven gotten back there to collect the truck with the bomb. Then i started Toshiko's misssions and finished them. Now im still waiting for a call frm 8 ball to tell me tt i can collect the truck already. So long still there's no call frm them so i haven got any missions tt were activated. Wat i've been doing now is completing unique jumps, side missions etc. just to wait for the call... Just wat's the problem? I 've seen the walkthroughs and all of the guides mentioned tt after driving the truck into 8 ball to fix the bomb, u need to wait for 1 minute, then u will receive a call frm 8 ball. Is this true? I dun wanna start the game all over again.
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