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  1. I can't believe I'm about to say this but I read that and went, so. I don't feel like I learned anything new or should I say interesting when are we going to get some more trailers with some actual gameplay so we can form our own opininions instead of being givin these "exclusive" previews that say the same fucking thing but with only a few lines of something new. am happy to wait til April if those tw@s would stop milking it.
  2. holy crap 5 years to make the game! Thats got me thinking if rockstar delayed the game for "tweaks' then it goes to show that they have a spare thought for all us existing and new fans by not thinking of the almighty pound and giving us a polished better game. I'm glad they have. I booked two weeks holidays for April to relish in the final product all the more tit bits we get only fuel my excitment for this game I really can't wait. Paid off the rest of the deposit today was thinking of slipping the store guy an extra few pound to move me up the list lol
  3. really can't wait for this game it seems that ppl react to u more in this one one of the things I'm looking toward to doing most is flying the helicopter and using the blades to kill pedestrians!and that also makes me wonder if this happens does the search radius apply or is there another way the cops to deal with this. Really can't wait to find out
  4. I think the red one looks like a porsche possibly the front of the comet, as u say gta don the green one is like a lambo. And the gold coloured one like a corvette not bothered if I'm wrong just what I think lol see the ship with all the cars this game looks huge. Can't wait
  5. the ad for the hybrid car was class, it was great to see a bit if the physics workin when that guy got knocked over during. The ad. Did any1 else notice the Aston martin looking car at the end when it was showing the price? I saw the vidieos on you tube on this iPhone cos my laptop got broke, would not think the videos would be much different.
  6. I'm really excited about the game and the more info that comes only fuel that excitement, I can't wait til aprl. The concept of building friendships could be good but I hope its not like denise from sa, I hated her. Took her on dates just to shoot her lol thank god in gta that's ok.
  7. every1 is going on about the hands, feck that look at the state of his jumper lol its horrible he prob lost a bet. Lol
  8. I'm glad cars don't explode when flipped but what happens when it does cos it will be wrecked anyway. One good thing is the spinners..... not! Its really tacky niko is from eastern europe not the ghetto. Oh well could be worse. don't mean to brag and moan at the same time but I have xbox an ps3 and have played saints row and it seems that gta have pinched a few ideas like getting drunk and driving. Eagerly awaiting April 29th which is also my mums birthday useless bit of info but true lol
  9. hi all matty here just joined mainly cos I check out this site evryday for gta iv
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