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  1. My Bad dude, what i ment to say was, i made cowboy boots from goin over the jeans to accualy bein able to tuck them under the jeans then i took a pic of K.I.T.T. i never said i made the car i said i added a pic of it and i accualy never took credit for making the accual mod so thanks alot jerk off p.s. its a cool car but it lacks the scanner capability might wanna work on that mister " oh nerves of steel huh" didnt see u make any cool cowboy boot mods pal lol
  2. muuuuuuuuuuuahahahahahahahahaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! problem solved dudes!!!!!!!!! all by my self well with the help of some tools, brains and nerves of steel i did it finaly and if u dont like city folk wearin cowboy boots then who gives a crap im a do it anyways dudes!!!!!!!!!!! and i added knight rider to give suspence muuuuuuuuuuahahahahahahaha
  3. your all wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its officer Polasky cuz we al know shaun penn passed away recently and was a mobb guy/ cop in almost everymovie ive seen him in and does a dam good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. duhhhhhhhhh its these guns here the 9mm Beretta or also known as 92 fs cuz its rapid fast & accurite as hell , and last but not least the Mp5 HK
  5. ok dudes i have braught another intersting question to the mod forums, wouldnt it be cool to make a tribute to brandon lee by putting him in the san andreas game? for instance Brandon Lee's majestic powerhouse moves & agility is so cool in " RAPID FIRE" it would be cool to mod a charecter of him theres already a black vest in the game and white pants , also to mod him in his other mezmorizing performance as " THE CROW" & have him running on roftops rolling over wet cement with his beutiful black leather jacket flailing in the wind as he summer sualts over bricks & leaps the gaps of rooftops only to swing on pipes to the ege & leap of faith and not die .......cool huh
  6. yea i here that man i accualy saw some red neck cowboy dude in one of the small towns outside of san feriro war them the saw way but then another cowboy dude in a long black jacket wore them with his boots tuked under his jeans im not sure what rockstar was tryn to do other than mess with our heads but if we could figure it out it would be extra cool plus a knight rider that accualy did the zroom zroom noise & the scanner moved
  7. ok dudes of this awsome site u have done such a great job with all these mods, they are truley magnifacent , esspcialy the one with the gta3 fido for san andreas is my fav & the weapons set by that bad ass dude featuring , the loved 92fs beretta , looks so fuckin cool dudes, one thing always botherd me about Gta Sa is the cowboy boots always go over your jeans, pants ect, anybody wanna create a mod so u can look mel gibson cowboyboots for gta sa wear u accualy wear the jeans over the boots? comments thoughts? anybody? by the way GREAT JOB ON THE MODS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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