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  1. No because I don't know how to model and never looked into editing the text files. I can make texture mods, but I don't.

    I run a fansite with one of the most popular downloads databases for GTA on the net, I leave the modding to the pro's :P

    Related note: We're aware well over 60% of our users actually come for downloads (in comparison very few come for news/content/forums) - it's always pissed me off but I figured I'd capitalise on it. We'll probably run featured mods as well as try to get interviews with some of the more prolific modders in the community.

    Strangely we don't actually have many prolific modders here bar Switch Designs. Most tend to be small time modders.

    But it would be great to see if any of you are planning on making mods.

    Hey! Don't you dare change Algonquin! I'll have you know the Algonquin were (and I think maybe still are, if any more exist) one of the most honored tribes of Native Indians, and Algonquin Park is my favourite Provincial Park (my Grandma lives just outside Algonquin Provincial Park).

    Also, Odie passed away? What happened? I never heard this at all.

  2. Only going through my Sony games right now.

    PS2 (I have about 30, so I'll just go through my favorites):

    Ace Combat 4


    GTA: VC

    GTA: LCS

    GTA: VCS

    GTA: SA


    The Godfather

    Scarface: The World Is Yours

    Guitar Hero III

    Tony Hawk's Underground

    PS3 (I think there's more, but if so, I can't remember them):


    Godfather: Don's Edition


    Rock Band



    Assassin's Creed

    GRAW 2




    GTA: VCS

    ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin' Trails



    Warhawk (PS3) + Add-ons

    Warhawk (PS1)

    Spyro The Dragon

    Tekken 2

    Syphon Filter

    High Stakes On The Vegas Strip: Poker + Add-ons

    Godfather: Don's Edition Add-ons

    Folklore Add-ons

    MotorStorm Add-ons

    Rock Band Track Packs

    MGS4 Database

    GT: HD Concept

    Tiger Woods '08 Demo

  3. GTADomain sucks. THey kicked me cause I snapped at them for making fun of my mom, and they did that just cause I stuck up for another member. My name was Carl_Johnson, and I sincerely hope you aren't one of the assholes who was picking on me.

  4. Good question. In fact, I do realize that Carl's age at the time of San Andreas is a bit far-fetched, although, if you look at Carl's face in the game, you'll see he's had quite a bit of wear over time.

    Anyway, more spoilers for Ep. 24:

    As Reagan gives the Medal of Honor to Tommy for bringing Forelli to justice, Tommy asks for it to be placed in front of Mitch Baker's grave. Reagan accepts, just as one of the Secret Service agents finds out Giorgio has escaped. Tommy hears this, just as someone points a gun at Tommy, but can't get a shot, so he aims it for Reagan. Tommy sees this, and jumps in front of Reagan as the bullet is fired. Tommy shoots at the assailant as he runs away (Tommy had Kevlar on), but misses, due to him being pinned down by Reagan's agents.


    Tommy is on the phone with Mickey at his Mansion, who says one thing after Tommy asks who attacked the award ceremony: "Oh god... it was Giorgio."

    There. Now, that will probably be all before I start working on this series again.

  5. Episode 24 has been completely thought out, so here's a synopsis of two parts of the episode for those who are thinking things like "Put the 5th episode up already dammit!" and want new content.


    The episode begins with Tommy walking out of the Car Park, after his decision to not kill Giorgio (episode 23) and instead let him rot in prison. Carl, upon finding this out, berates Tommy for letting his brother's killer live. Tommy explains that Giorgio would have gotten closure if he had died.

    Part 2:

    Giorgio is in the back of a S.W.A.T. Van with 5 guards who have M4s ready at their disposal if Giorgio tries anything. Giorgio wipes one of his eyes with a finger, and suddenly one of the cops stands up and shoots the other 4 cops. He unlocks Giorgio's handcuffs just as a Linerunner slams into the van at top speed; someone else was trying to break Giorgio out, unaware there was another breakout already occuring.

    Now what did you think of that? I do have the entire episode planned in my head, so don't think that's all I have. In fact, I have the entire series in my head, although a new Fic might make me change some things (Lost Cause, search for it on Grand Theft Wiki).

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