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  1. that article has hyped the game up even more for me, all those things sound amazing, i cant wait to get chased by the cops its so much fun taking down cops and just getting wanted level and then going on a chase around the whole map, iv been playing GTA3 at the moment trying to complete it and i keep just getting myself into fights with the police just cause its so damn fun, and i need there FBI car for the import/export lol!! may the next 57days hurry the F**k up lol
  2. sounds like youve completed the main story line for VC then if your aiming for 100% then youve got all the side missions to do, police car, ambulance, fire truck, pizza boy, unique jumps, hidden packages etc. lol im sure theres a checklist on the homepage of this site have a look on that to see what you need to do
  3. hey all new to the forums, iv been on this site quite a while though always check for latest news on gta IV, im a pretty die hard GTA fan love the whole series, infact iv just gone and bought myself a ps2 and the complete Gta set just so i can play all of them.. bit weird considering i already have III, VC, and SA on both xbox and PC lol but there you go thats me for you. Preorderd GTA IV already special edition. Time to take a look around the forums now i guess
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