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  1. i dont think that my computer cant run the game, i have pantium 4 3.2Ghz 2GB ram and GeForce 8600GT with 512MB and about the air port, i must to get the shanghai mod off to fix it or there is another way? cuz i really want to keep this mod
  2. yea i did, but not in the airport, i changed all the cars in the game, and i added two mods in Los Santos the first is shanghai race truck and the second is a Drift track in the parking, and and San Fierro i changed the Wang Cars, but i didnt do anything in the airport
  3. i have really strange error that every time i get to the LS Airport i get error, so i checked it out and i found few things, first off all it doesnt happend if i go there by foot, second its only some point on the ground because if i fly with my car into there (and flying low not high) it doesnt happends, if i get out from the airport and touch this place it doesnt crash, only if i get in, and its happends only when the gate open. what could be the problem with this place? ohh and i have more map problem that i dont know how to explain it buy i have like slow rendering, sometimes i see im driving on the air and i have to wait till i'll see the road and the lights and trees, and some times its even just rendering and then de rendering and it doesnt stop...
  4. im looking for 3 Cars to switch the Hotring Racer cars you know, a FIA GT cars, you can find some from GTR 2 or somthing, but only stong ones, like Murcielago R-GT, Saleen S7-R, Ferrari 575 GTC... you know these cars, if you can just the three i said but if not then ferrari 360 or somthing could be ok but not the M3 or porsche GT# or somthing, ohh and not Mc12 Corsa cuz i got one. as i said you can find those cars on GTR 2 and here is a web with the cars and pictures: http://www.igcd.net/movie.php?id=10000202&...f352999043aff03 ohh and more somthing, in the game have 3 hotring cars, but another colors so if you can do that the colors will change, you know the stickers on the cars and these, in the web that i already gave you can see some paintjobs for the same cars (and dont make me paintjobs cuz cant tune these cars, do it randomalic like in the game)
  5. look, if someone can make a R-GT kit for my murcielago mod i'll be happy, what i mean? i have LP640 mod that replace the fortune, if you i can give you download for the mod for u'll can help me. any way, i want a front bumper and rear bumper that will make the murcielago looks like Murcielago R-GT, the spoiler i can get, and the panitjob i tihnk i can do too but if someone can do it i'll prefer it cuz im not that good about create paint jobs. some pictures of the R-GT front: http://img362.imageshack.us/img362/2909/frontnp0.jpg rear: http://img355.imageshack.us/img355/5913/rearnx7.jpg this pictures are from murcielago R-GT, i want to you to make these kits for LP640, its not that matter, but dont change the exghust or the lp640 or the rear sides, cuz a lil different then the normal murcielago anyway the front i dont think its that hard, and in the rear i just need this little kit in the middle, and its will become R-GT thank you for your attention
  6. i didint really understood what do you mean, how do i open the MAIN.SCR? i just want to change the place of parking the car, i want to have this savanna but not in the Wang Cars, in the Wang Cars i want Romero instead look i'll explain you what i want in the wang cars have 599-uranus DB9-Sultan M3-Stratum Spyker C8-elegy Firebird-Savanna i want to do that the wang cars will be a Ferrari Showroom but i dont want to mod again and change the sultan to be a ferrari, i want the sultan will be a DB9 but just move it from the wang cars and put another car over there, Turisimo, that its F430, and all the other cars, i'll change to another ferraris
  7. can i change the cars that parking in the wang cars? there are Uranus Sultan Stratum Elegy Savanna i want to keep the uranus there and switch the Sultan With Turismo the Stratum with Alpha the Elegy with Infernus and the Savanna with Romero how can i do that? and more question, the are always the same cars on every computer? or maybe in my friend's house there will be another cars?
  8. ok, really really tnx man i'll try it.
  9. please help me i must it, and if you dont understand what i want, here is an example sultan, i can put body kits, spoilers, roof scoops, on it rite? now take the supergt, or infernus, i cant tune it, only color, and wheels, nitro etc', but i cant put spoiler or body kit so, i want the sultan but i want that i'll cant tune it, like the infernus, only color, nitro.. like the supergt tunes, because the spoiler, roof scoop, body kit, make my game crashes, so i just want to delete those tunes, and i want to delete wheels tune too, so how do i do it? and how do i know what im deleting, cuz have cars that i dont want to delete their tunes, and i'll give you mroe examples i want to delete tampa's tunes, spoiler, front bumper, rear bumper, side skirt, wheels, exghust and more some things that crash my game, but in the sultan i want to keep the spoilers, the bumpers, and the side skirts, but i want to delete the wheels, the scoops and the wheels. same at the remingtn, i want to delete wheels, scoops and etc' but i want to keep the bumpers and the side skirts. understood me?
  10. someone have a fuel mod for GTA SA? i know there is one for VC and i know about some servers on SAMP with a fuel mod, but there is a fuel mod for normal SA? and one that i install on the SA, like vehicles, not a software that i need to open with the SA
  11. yea i fixed the spark, and more some probs. and about the tunes, i dont need to do that every car will can be tuned, i just want to know how to delete the tunes, for i'll just cant put spoiler, for it wont crash, i deleted the txd tune files from gta3 file but its not help, i still see "Spoilers" in the tunning shop, and when i press it the game just stuck, and how do i know which file belong to which tune, and to which vehicle, cuz i dont want to delete stuff that doesnt crash the game
  12. You will have to edit the LOADSCS.TXD file in your SA\MODELS\TXD directory, using TXD Workshop... but when i'll open in with this TXD workshop, i'll see all the loadscreen pictures, and i'll can change it to my own pictures?
  13. do anyone know how car i make a loadscreens? or maybe if i'll give him some images he'll create loadscreen for me?
  14. looking for good speedometer mod, i dont find one that actually work.
  15. when i use mods for some cars, then the things that i cant tune (Body kits, exghust, spoiler on some cars, vents, roof etc) if i use these on my modded car the game just get crashed, how can i just delete these things from the specific vehicle, and on some cars that are tuneable, but not everything, how can i know which part i delete and for which vehicle. tnx for help ohh and more some helps that i need (not really necessary but i'd like to get help) can i do that that i'll can tune every vehicle in any tune shops? not only Transfender for bullet and not only Wheel arch for sultan... and more thing Some cars that i mod just touch the road and make sparks, so i thought its mod bug, but it happends on cars that i used before and it wasnt
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